How to identify a fake (Scam) WhatsApp Group

Don’t fall prey to fraudulent WhatsApp Group, most are them are out there to get your money. You have to be very vigilant if you must do it.


Here is a guide to how to know if a WhatsApp group is fake;

1. The Admins would be forcing people to send complaints ONLY to himself and threatening to remove anyone that complains on the group. However, complaining on the group chat is not good because it drives away potential members so genuine admins always create another group for complaints.
Example of a good and organised WhatsApp Group:

2. List of GH always look the same, although now, they engage collaborators to drop their number and account details and collect money on their behalf.

3. Only few specific members will be continuously giving testimonies of how good the group is.

4. The Admin would be removing anyone that doesn’t pay within minutes after joining. This is to prevent people making observations and dropping their concerns. Once you join the group, they will be threatening to remove you if you don’t pay immediately claiming that they don’t want “inactive” members.
5. They don’t update their PH and GH list regularly which means either the group is not progressing or the GH list is their names only.

6.     People will be complaining, abusing and threatening the Admin.


In my opinion, to know the best Network Money Scheme that will pay for longer period, look for;

1. The ones that have a website like MMM, Twinkas, MutualGrant, GetHelpWorldwide.

2. The ones that do not force you to get referrals before you get paid.
Examples of the ones that need referrals are Ultimate Cyclers, iCharity, eCooperative, GNLD MLM etc

3. The ones that have periodic and fast upgrades.
Contrary to popular views, if a site announces an upgrade, it doesn’t call for panic, it means that so many people are coming into the site and they have to expand. The more people coming into the site, the greater the possibility that you will be paid.

Based on this, the ones I can recommend as paying (as at January 2017) include Mutualgrant, Twinkas, Paydoubler and if you are into Bitcoin, Digital Portal is paying as well.

Avoid the list below as much as possible

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