How MMM Nigeria Works, Real or Scam?

The first question I asked when introduced to MMM Nigeria was, “how do MMM gets the 30% bonus it pays to its participants every 30 days?”

mmm_logoIn this period of economic recession, there is no bank that will give you back your money with 30% interest within 30 days. So we made the review to see if the system is really sustainable and what will happen if it collapses.

Also, you can now calculate your mavro as "Answers website" provides a platform where you can always calculate and check the dollar to naira conversion in MMM as well as to know how much your money would have increased to within 30 days.

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UPDATE: MMM is back after the 1-Month freeze as promise. What you should know!

- Everyone knows that there will be initial rush to GH, so MMM has devised a means to control this while gradually building up the community.
-  Payments will have a set limit for few days. Normal limit will be N100,000 but I have seen evidence of GH of N200k so try your luck.
-  You can continue to provide help as it is still the same 30 days freeze period before you get your money back.
-  MMM system is designed to prevent crash and protect every participants.
-  YOUR MONEY IS SAFE and MMM is still paying and will continue to pay.
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How mmm pays participants 30% profit every 30days

MMM is just an organized platform of people networked (matched) to help each other. With the assurance that you will get help when you request for it, you provide help to another person that had requested it before you.


MMM simply make new helpers to transfer money (help) to other people who had provided help previously to earlier participants and the circle continues.

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For instance, if you accept to provide help of N200,000, the bank account of either one person who requested for help of N200k or a number of people whose total request is N200,000 will be sent to you to pay the money into. See photo below.


Contrary to widespread assumption, the 130% payback is just a one-time payment after 30 days and NOT every month payment from one investment, although you can invest as many times as possible after each 30 days circle

When you register on MMM and refer people to it, even if you are not investing, you earn 10% of the amount the person invest. So register now and see how the system works.

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Whenever you provide help (PH) or want to send money to another participant, it is NOT only your money + 30% percent extra that is generated by the MMM system, there is additional 10% generated for your MMM referrer, 5% for MMM guider, and other 5% for higher participants at the top tiers of the MMM system. That is how higher players on the MMM platform generates their own money.

Will MMM collapse or crash?

Yes, MMM can crash. But this will only happen when participants are no longer willing to put in their money, as long as people keep joining MMM Nigeria, it will not crash.

The MMM managers even clearly states on their website that there is no guarantee of getting back your money after you have provided help BUT the system is well design in such a way that you provide help before you can be help.

This eliminates the risk of anyone running away with your money. Failure to provide help within the specified time when contacted, you will be blacklisted out of the system.


There are recent reports about SEC warning on the MMM scheme, one thing they were correct about the report was that there is no investment system that MMM uses depositors money to invest and generate profit. Ironically, that is the main attraction of the MMM scheme, the system does not hold on to depositors money, people are only matched to others that requested for help and you pay directly to their account (NOT MMM account).

As for the other report about MMM not being registered legally, MMM is a donation system, there is nothing illegal about donations. All monies are being transferred peer-to-peer.

Questions about MMM

If you have other questions about MMM, you can visit MMM frequently asked questions (faq), it will answer almost all your questions about mmm.

Do you want to register for MMM?

Visit mmm website here

How to calculate mmm mavro earnings and dollar to naira exchange rate per time 

Do you what to see how much you will be earning? For instance, if you invest N200,000.00, click here to calculate by yourself how much your money would have increased to within 30-35 days including your signup bonus.

In Conclusion

Testimonies about MMM are abound and cannot be easily ignored.

The system may crash, yes but as long as the buzz is on and people are joining, in my professional experience, I will give it 8 more months run without hitches before we can make another review to measure its sustainability. But for now, it is paying and people are joining at an increasing rate of 1000 to 2000 people per day all over the country.

DISCLAIMER: or its authors are not responsible for any gain or loss resulting from the use of information on this site. We give professional advice but the decision to act is at your risk. MMM has warned on its site that you should invest ONLY spared money as anything can happen.

If you have other questions, clarifications holla me via the comment section or

Send email to:
Whatsapp: 08028653690

15 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about MMM.

The below content will also help you to understand how mmm works better:


NOTE: PH means Provide Help (payer), GH means Give Help (earner)

1. Meaning of MMM?

• Mavrodi Mondial Movement

2. Function and duties of MMM?

• MMM gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED HELP to those who are ready to PROVIDE HELP, for FREE.

3. Purpose of MMM?

• To reduce and break the chain of slavery in financial institution where depositor are being enslaved by their own money, where bankers lives large and healthy on our deposit while depositors lives on credit and loan.
• To reduce stratification and reduce wide gap between the Rich and the poor indiscriminately.

4. Who is behind it?

• Sergey Mavrodi

5. Is mmm legal?

• There is no law backing donation as illegal. So, it’s legal to donate to one another

6. Is your money guaranteed?

• There are no guarantees and promises. Neither explicit nor implicit.

7. What does the initiator gets in return?

• Loyalty, money from traffic (over 2 million people access the site in a day)

8. How is the community managed?

• From money got or raised from the traffic
• They also continue to PH and GH

9. Who manages it and where does the money comes from? Site subscription etc.?

• The community is managed by continuous PH and GH that is, YOU and ME which guarantees the number of traffic per day

10. Where does the 30% comes from?

• It is gotten from the donations made by the community. For instance,
Titi deposited #1,000,000 in the bank while Tola, Bola, Tunde came to withdraw their savings of #200,000, #150,000, #500,000 respectively meanwhile, an interest of 1,000, 1200, 2500 respectively was added to their money after it has lasted for more than 2months in the bank.
So, Titi’s money was used to pay the 3 of them regardless of ‘WHO, WHEN and HOW’. This implies that both interest and capital received are from the deposits made. Only in some exceptional case where money are fixed for a long time.
So in MMM it’s similar, all rewards comes from continuous PH and GH.

11. Where does the referrer bonus and registration bonus comes from?

• Referral bonus comes from continuous PH while registration comes from traffic fund generated daily.

12. What happen if I GH or we GH and refuse to PH due to fear of insecurity or unguaranteed?

• When few members refuse to PH after GH.
I. It might not have significant or No effect on the community because of no’s of active PH everyday locally and globally and new members joining each day( Presently over 2000 register each day in Nigeria alone)

13. What is the probability of members Phing back there already GH?

• Money GH has over 98% of returning back as PH immediately after GHing, Do they have any reason not to whether part, full or more of their initial GH.

14. What are the difference and similarities in MMM and other financial institutions apart from No acct, etc.?

a. MMM like a bank (More of Virtual banking) but not a bank.
b. MMM don’t collect money form members into a central account but Bank does
c. MMM can successfully project No’s of participate per time joining or will join but Bank cant
d. MMM can successfully project No’s of participate who will PH per time but Bank can’t determine no’s of depositors per time.
e. MMM gives reward 30% (fixed) regardless of status or Amount PROVIDED while Banks give interest 2-15%(unfixed) determined by status, amount, duration etc
f. Money GH has over 98% of returning back as PH immediately after GHing, while Bank has less than 10% of withdrawers returning as deposit even in over 3 month of withdrawing.
g. MMM can operate successfully with available participant till eternity while banks can’t.
h. MMM don’t trade, Invest, or save your money but Bank does.
i. MMM is meant for risk takers but bank could either ways.
j. MMM can maintain its members till eternity without No new members joining if we follows the rules but Banks get a replacement for every money withdraw per time with new deposit or new customers
k. MMM is based on trust, sincerity and charity while bank is based of deposit and profit.
l. MMM gives over 30% reward while bank gives you no interest or little in 30days.
m. When one or two participant stop to PH after GHing it has little or no significant because we have over 300 million participant globally with over 3000 Nigerian per week who Join newly while bank start having serious problem when you withdraw without deposit.

a. MMM gives reward 30% (fixed) while Banks gives interest 2-15 %( unfixed).
b. MMM gives referral bonus of 10% fixed to members while Bank gives 2-10% unfixed commission to marketer (contract staff).
c. MMM is in over 118 countries in 5 years of existences in almost all the villages, towns and cities of all the 118 countries with over 300million( far more than the entire population of Nigeria) while bank is only in major towns, cities of it resident

15. How secured is the community from external force?

• Very secured if we keep to the community rules and regulation all the time.


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