Can you take up the challenge? 

All services of has been migrated to including our contributors. To keep up the innovation and quality ideas coming, I am calling for help from tech guys and tweakers to post keep the blog updated and pass on browsing tips to other tech enthusiasts.

Our main aim is not just to post latest updates and tweaks but to give our audience the best and working ideas and explain the procedure in the best possible way for quick understanding.

Interested persons should:

1. Be good in written English and avoid as much as possible "chat English like yhu n wht"

2. Should be an active member of other tweak/tech group especially on Telegram. You can send in your @username to be added to a group.

3. Should be updated with latest tech news and products from authoritative source.

4. Should have a rooted Android phone and must test all tweaks before posting which means, the contributor will have to post with "PERSONALLY TESTED" screenshots and not copy and paste. Notwithstanding, copy and paste is allowed but your "paste" should be much better than the "copied".

5. Should be passionate to help anyone with issues.

6. Must have time to post (a 250 and above words article) at least 5 times in a week. We reserved the right to edit or pull down the post if it doesn't meet up with our policies and Google policies as well.

He/she will, of course, be compensated with a negotiated token (excluding paid post).

Interested persons should please contact ITy on;

Email :
Telegram : @ictunit
WhatsApp : O8O39718797
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Thank you
iCTunit Solution Center Team

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