Tweakware Download & Settings for MTN n Etisalat

Download this latest Tweakware VPN for android and experience seamless and very easy set up and connect. This improved and custom Tweakware app is an all-in-one VPN package that comes pre-configured with MTN BIS, 2go MBEtisalat Social Pack, Spectranet bundled settings so that you do not have be configuring each settings for each network data plan.  You can also use it to configure the latest 2go MB settings.
UPDATE 11/03/17: Etisalat Tweakware is now working unlimited with Remote Tweak, Click here to set up

However the longstanding VPN alternatives still works. Click the respective links for Simple Server, Psiphon and Openvpn
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It has also proven to be very fast and increase the speed of the slow Etisalat social pack. Tweakware also does not make your phone hot or overheated like other VPN though I can’t really say that it is as stable as Psiphon or OpenVPN but it doesn’t consume battery like the others.

How to set up Tweakware VPN with MTN BIS or Etisalat Social Pack

1.      Subscribe to MTN BB10 Plans

New MTN BIS code for daily, weekly and monthly subscription

For daily BB10, dial *216*3*1#, cost N70
For weekly BB10, dial *216*3*2#, cost N350
For monthly BB10, dial *216*3*3#, cost N1000

or Etisalat Social Pack by dialing *200*3*3*2*1*1# (N100).
See Also: How to bypass throttled speed in Etisalat

2.      Download and install Tweakware v0.7 from this link
3.      Run the app and locate the Option button at the top right corner, then tap on it.
4.      Select “Settings” and go down to “Bundle Settings” the tap on “Select Bundled Settings”.
5.      On the pop up that comes up, choose the bundle that you have subscribed to (Either MTN or Etisalat).

6.      Optionally for better stability, go to “Network Settings” and go down to “Connection Settings” and check the box beside “Enable Keepalive”. Then for the “Keepalive Interval”, type in “5” and for the “Keepalive Timeout”, choose “5”.
7.      Confirm the “Default Server” and tap on CONNECT.
8.      After successful handshake and authentication, press the back button and it will connect automatically.
 The Tweakware VPN app is much easier to set up than any other tunnel software (Psiphon Handler or OpenVPN) and it powers all apps and opens any browser with better speed both for MTN BIS and Etisalat Social Chat Pack.


This is a second method to manually configure it with Etisalat Social Pack without using the preconfigured bundled settings in the simple method above.

1.      Run the app and locate the Option button at the top right corner, then tap on it.
2.      Select Settings and go down to Network Settings.
3.      Check the box beside “Connect Via HTTP Proxy” to enable proxy and configure as follows:
-          Proxy Host:
-          Proxy Port: 8080
-          Enable proxy Tweaks
-          Tap on Proxy Tweaks and Enable Reverse Proxy
-          Go to Custom Headers and add: X-Online-Host:
-          Go back to Server Settings and Change Port to 3128
4.      Optionally for better stability, go to Network Settings and go down to Connection Settings and check the box beside “Enable Keepalive”. Then for the “Keepalive Interval”, type in “5” and for the “Keepalive Timeout”, choose “5”.
5.      Confirm the “Default Server” and tap on connect.
6.      After successful handshake and authentication, press the back button and it will connect automatically.

With this Tweakware VPN app, you do not need to be changing your IP or Port or Password, just use the simple method and enjoy the MTN or Etisalat social chat pack cheat blazing at full speed.

Third Method for Tweakware 2go MB Settings

Open the Settings
Ignore Account Settings

Go to Server setting and check the box beside “Use Selected Server” and “Selected Server As IP
Server port: 8080
Connections mode: tcp.

Disregard VPN settings

Go to Network settings
Check the box beside “connect via HTTP PROXY
Proxy host:
Port : 8080

Check “Enable proxy tweaks

Open “Proxy tweaks
DO NOT tick “Reverse Proxy

Move down to “Injection Full Url” and input:
Injection Host:
Line break rn: 4

Enable your keepalive interval and timeout to “5”

If ever it disconnects and the connected sign disappear (even when it says “Authentication successful”), just tap disconnect, go to Settings, then confirm your bundled settings (either MTN or Etisalat) and connect again.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yes that is a known issue. Solution is just to disconnect, put your phone in airplane mode for a few secs, then bring back the network and connect again. It must work!

    2. Thank you Man..

  2. Damn it works... lol.. It was network prob at first I guess..

  3. Have tried it a thousand time I get a message saying proxy socket connection failed

  4. If you are having trouble connecting to the default server, go to settings and choose reset settings. After that, go to bundle settings and choose Etisalat chat pak. Go to server and choose another server and connect. It worked for me. pls add me too your WhatsApp group 08180416543

  5. my tweakware keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting every single time...... it can't even stay connected for like a minute it just goes off

  6. Hey ity unit , im currently finding it difficult to use tweakware, it keeps on saying that "proxy socket connection failed" what can be the cause of this?

  7. Plz help me out my tweakware stp working plz dx my num 08141651115

  8. tweakware stop working guys.

  9. It doesn't authenticate anymore. Even after I registered online and logged in. I guess it requires a paid subscription

  10. And So it ends

    Hello folks, unfortunately the free usage of Tweakware has come to a stop.
    I want to thank you all for being part of it all, but as you know, bandwidth costs money and I can't make that by keeping the app
    as all free.
    Anyway, if you enjoyed using Tweakware and wish to continue using it please kindly register for an account @ http:// (i.e if you don't already own a Tweakware Account) , then upgrade your account for just
    #500 for 1 month, see for payment instructions. After that you can now go to Tweakware settings, under account
    settings and enter your account details and then continue your use of Tweakware.
    (NOTE: If you already have a Tweakware Premium account on any of the Tweakware softwares (on both PC or Mobile then you
    don't need to re-upgrade as your account will still contiue to work with the Tweakware app).
    We may launch a free but limited version/account for Tweakware sometime in the future , so still keep an eye on http://
    Thanks once again.
    more of it @

  11. Sir pls I just stated using tweakwear for android but am still using the free one till tomorrow when I will pay. The problem is that it keeps disconnecting what do I do?

    1. You have daily free bandwidth allowance each day. Is your problem still there?

  12. please, is it possible to use tweakware on my pc through my modem,,,,if yes, please what do i need to do?

  13. Hello ity unit. Want to ask if the download speed using the social me plan is different from that using the chat pak?

    1. It depends on location and almost the same though I can confirm that Social monthly plan is too slow for good downloads

    2. Thanks. I use the chat pak but downloads are kinda slower than wen i started using tweakware b4 d subscription on tweakware nd den i was using social me plan...wanted to know if it was bcos i changed my data plan cos i get d full H+ network

  14. Add me to your WhatsApp group pls 08039227746

  15. Add me to your WhatsApp group pls 08039227746

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