Why WhatsApp Money Network Groups Always Fails!

Recently, several Ponzi schemes have surfaced on WhatsApp group with the respective Admins promising double your investments within 24 to 48 hours. Some say Pay 5k and get 10k back in 48 hours.

Although many of them started with good intentions of harnessing group members to support each other, some other unscrupulous people have used the platform to be scamming people on WhatsApp.

The truth is that no matter how genuine the intention was for starting the WhatsApp Network money doubling, it is scientifically impossible for it to end well. Your money is not safe in any WhatsApp Group network money scheme

In view of this, people then wonder, “Why do people still open these WhatsApp groups?”. The answer is that whoever opens the groups pays himself first and recoup his investment up to 3 times while the others are just “by the grace of God”. See the image below, The Admin gets back his investment 4x before the attending to the people who paid him.

Here are the simple facts that prove that WhatsApp Ponzi scheme must always fail.

1. It is a Ponzi scheme (period). Ponzi scheme is a “Pyramid structure” which means that you must be referring more people to sustain the system. So when you run out of people to refer (which is inevitable), it collapses.

2. Referrals: Since you will be waiting for referrals to get back your money, it means basically that for every one person that is “Paid”, two new problems are created. So for 1 person to be paid, you need 2 more to pay, when the 2 pay, you need 4 more, then 16, then 32, then 64, then 128, then 256 and it keeps expending exponentially and this takes us to the next point.


3. Limited Users in WhatsApp group (256 Participants Only): WhatsApp doesn’t accommodate much people in the group, the highest number is 256. This means that, from the previous calculation (ie 1, 2, 4, 16, 32 etc), after paying the 5th set of PH (ie 32 people using money from 64 people totally 119 members in all), the group starts having difficulties in getting adeqaute number of people to PH.

And even if they succeed in paying the 32 people who had PH, it is almost impossible to get another 128 people to pay 64 members in a WhatsApp group that accommodates only 256 members.


However, someone might say, you can open another WhatsApp group or better still use Telegram which you can have up to 3000 members in a group. The problem is how are you going to get this number of people

4. Limited Reach: the apparent success of MMM was due to the fact that it was well structured with Guiders moving nationwide amassing followers, blogs and news media where spreading it to millions of people. BUT for WhatsApp group, the Admin usually overworked himself by spamming other groups to get followers but from experience, no matter how active an admin is, no group has ever gotten full 256 members because of limited reach (No seminars or workshop or Google search to help reach more people). So ask yourself, who are going to pay?

5. Bad image: Scammers have already started their WhatsApp groups, inserting their bank details to be paid by members and any participants who have lost money would be warning his love ones (and enemies) against investing in any WhatsApp group.

Also when you enter a group and you see the amount of abuses and curses rained on the respective Admins, you will be guided (See example below)


TO avoid losing your money in any WhatsApp Group network money scheme, look for the date of creating, if it is more than a week, don’t go because it is First Come First Serve, Last Come First Burnt. 

Bottomline: Avoid WhatsApp Ponzi groups, if you must do, go for the ones that have websites like Twinkas, MutualGrant, GetHelpWorldwide, MMM United etc


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