How to register on Twinkas | Pay 50k Get 100k within 21 days


Twinkas has pushed itself up to be one of the fastest growing network money scheme. This article shows you how to register on Twinkas and get paid in less number of days.
Upon registration, you are assigned a sponsor who you will pay to.

Once you make your payment and you are activated, you automatically become a Sponsor and will be matched with another person to pay you 200% of your money depending on the package you had sign up for.

How Twinkas Work: 

Update 22/02/2017: The new Twinkas Twin Policy says you must do 5k package first before 50k Ultimate package, Click here to read how to use Switch Account to run the two packages under one Account.

The main highlights of Twinkas which separates itself from others include 

1. You don’t need to bring anyone to get paid.

2. Once you register and click on "Get Sponsor", the system match you automatically with someone to pay to within 24 hours.

3. On the signup page, you can see the number of people already in the system and you can actually monitor its growth and see if people are registering.

4. Although Twinkas says 21 days, you can be paid even within 9 days. The system operates on first come first pay and not daily mavro growth, which means that it is possible for you to get your money back within 9 days but it can never pass 21 days for you to be paid.

5. It has different packages viz 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k and the newly introduced 100k and 200k. you can run any of the packages concurrently (ie without waiting for one payment to finish).

6. Referral bonus is 5% of the money your referral pays.

7. It operates a “Court” system where any complaints are handled periodically.

How to register on Twinkas

Registration on Twinkas requires good internet, Chrome or Firefox browser on mobile or PC and capability to pay within 24 hrs notice (ie mobile banking facility).

1. Click here to open Twinkas

2. Scroll down to the blue “Create Your Account” button.
3. On the next page, you will see the different packages available, scroll down to the sign up button below the one you choose and click

4. On the registration page, fill in your information accurately. Make sure it is correct and click SUBMIT

5. Once your form is accepted, the dashboard of your Personal Office will open.

6. Fill in your Bank information. Be careful and confirm the bank account because you cannot change it and you are not allowed to call anybody to request payment or change bank account.
7. Copy out your Activation Pin (very important).

In case of any issue or information, join our WhatsApp group below!

How to Activate a Package and Make Payment on Twinkas

1. Locate the "Get a Sponsor" or the Blue “Activate Your Package” button and you will be taken back to the page where you select the package suitable for you.
2. There are different packages; Classic (N5000), Professional (N10,000), Premium (N20,000), Ultimate (50,000) and the recently introduced Veteran (N100,000).
To register, click Sign Up below the respective package.

If you see “Connecting” under the package you prefer, refresh the page or just log out and log in again and choose the package again.

3. Once a Sponsor has been assigned to you, it will take you to your dashboard where you see the timer showing 30 minutes countdown before your Sponsor details appear.

4. After 30 minutes, the details would appear and you have less than 23 hours to make payments.

5. After making payments, upload your teller by clicking on “Upload Your Payment Details”.
6. Fill in the details as specified and upload your Proof of Payment, then click on “Submit”.

7. Once successfully uploaded, you will be returned back to your dashboard where you will now be a Sponsor (fully activated).

8. Sit back and wait for that "call" between 9 to 21 days!

So What are you waiting for?
Register Now on Twinkas and get paid N100,000 within 21 days. 


WhatsApp Group for Information and issues: ITy Twinkas Support

Make sure your internet is very strong, if you have any issues in loading, refresh and have patience or try another browser.

DISCLAIMER: or its authors are not responsible for any gain or loss resulting from the use of information on this site. We give professional advice but the decision to act is at your risk. Like all Ponzi Scheme, you should invest ONLY spared money as anything can happen.

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    1. The E-Commerce week is over so signing up for 5k to get 30k units is no longer working.
      Signing for any package now to get 10k units is not favoruable either as you cant even transfer the units.

      The only option is to either buy from someone who had accumulated or wait for the up coming upgrade which allows you to convert existing packages that you are waiting for payments into units.
      Professional will give 20,000 units,
      Premium account will give 40,000 units,
      Ultimate account will give 100, 000 units which is 2x.

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