Dont Buy that iPhone Yet! ... Wait till Sept 7


USB-C on iPhone 7 and all Apple products.

As we anxiously await the release of the new iPhone 7, rumors are flying around about the design changes that will also inform the launch of a new line of accessories/peripherals.

Apple is expected to announce new products (including the iPhone 7) on September 7, and have them in stores a week or so later. If you’re planning to upgrade, sit tight on accessorizing – especially as it concerns wired earbuds and phone cases.


Apple leaks have confirm that this next release is a totally new technology that will make the previous release of Apple products obsolete. The rumored removal of 3.5mm headphone port, conversion of Lighting port to USB-C, wireless charging etc is obviously not backward compatible, it is revolutionary.

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WHY USB-C on iPhone 7?

With the MacBook, Apple started its slow changeover to USB-C. There’s even a USB-C to Lightning cable, which indicated that things were bound to change.

The new MacBook Pros, which are long overdue, are also rumored to go the USB-C route. If that’s accurate, and we’d have to believe it is, it changes quite a bit for the average consumer.

At that point, Apple is basically turning its entire ecosystem over to USB-C and Lightning. It is a GOOD thing but potential buyers should exercise caution on buying anything Apple-related yet.


Accessory makers have also been slowly migrating to USB-C connectivity. Once Apple goes all in on USB-C, expect everything to change too – earbuds, phone cases, battery packs, chargers etc. So your previous accessories may not work anymore with iPhone 7.

Even if you don’t plan upgrading your iPhone for another year, buying accessories at this point might be a short-term bet except it is highly necessary.

Just save your money and wait till September 7 for the official update.

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