What to do if your Facebook has been hacked

Facebook account hack can expose your private information to hackers. In some situation, you start seeing unusual items and pictures on your Facebook wall, in other instance, you cannot even log in to your Facebook account.


To prevent this scenario from happening, a regular password update or changes is a must for Facebook security. However, if your Facebook is already hacked, the first thing you should do is – don’t Panic! Just follow the guide here to get back and secure your account.

How is your Facebook Hacked?

- Most times, you see some enticing images or video link on the web, then you click the link and you are told to sign in to Facebook before you can watch the video.

When you enter your details in the fake Facebook page (Phishing sites), the hacker collects your information and proceed to take over your real Facebook account.

- Other times, you forgot to log out after using your account in a shared PC or device and the hacker just got into your account easily.

How would you know that your Facebook account is hacked?

Of course there will be some obvious changes in your Facebook account you may experience any of this;

- Explicit content start appearing on your Facebook feed,
- Someone sent a message with link to my friends without me doing it.
- Or you may receive an email notifying you that have changed my password, which you did not.

First thing to do;

1. Tell your friends that your account has been hacked, to justify yourself from any damage or abuse done by the hacker using your account.

2. Check your account activities.

Navigate at the top-right of your Facebook account → click the triangular-arrow-down -> settings -> security -> where you’re logged in.

In this section you will see the last time you access your account, location and type of device used. If someone hacked your account you will also see that information in this section and you can easily end the hacker’s activity immediately.

How to Get back your Hacked Facebook

Keep in my mind that the first thing the hacker will do is to change your Facebook password.

The good news, by default, Facebook will send you an email when your password was changed. When you received email notification that your Facebook password was change follow the steps below;


• Open that email, make sure that the sender is security@facebookmail.com.
• Click “If you didn’t do this, please secure your account”.
• Click “this was someone else”.
• Provide the right answer to the security questions.
• Change your password.
• Log-out all devices.
• Finally you can now log in, to your Facebook account.

What if the password has been already changed by the hacker? 

It means that you cannot access your account to change your Facebook password. The best remedy would be to reset your password.


• In Facebook log-in area, click “forgot password”.
• Type either your email, phone, username or full name then hit “Enter” or “search”.
• Then, click “this is my account”.
• Select the best way to recover your Facebook account via email or phone, click continue.
• Check your email or phone for the confirmation code.
• Enter the six digit codes, click next.
• Type your new password, tick “Log me out of Facebook everywhere else my account might be open” then continue.
• Congratulations! You just regain access to your Facebook account.

What to do To Avoid Facebook Account Hack

Take Facebook security seriously, Facebook account hacking is rampant now a days, if you follow these habits it will not make your Facebook account invincible from hacking but at least it is now harder for them to do so.


• Facebook login alerts – by enabling this feature, you will receive an alert message whenever you or someone logs into your account using different device or browser.

• Login approvals – this security feature will require a security code to access your account from unknown browser, phone or computer that you haven’t used before.

• Review Apps Permissions - Check the apps that you have granted permission to write on your wall and delete any one that looks strange

• Facebook Trusted contacts – select trusted contacts from your friend’s list to help you, whenever you have problems in accessing your Facebook account.


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