Borrow data with MTN XtraByte, Are you Eligible?

Have you ever run out of data while doing some important browsing or download? MTN Xtra Byte is here for you to borrow data and finish whatever you were doing.

MTN has introduced the XtraByte service to give eligible MTN subscribers borrowed data when they run out of, while browsing, and pay back on their subsequently recharge.

Previously, you had to borrow credit, and then use the credit borrowed credit to subscribe to any preferred data plan, the advantage of the MTN Xtra Byte service is that, it will reduce the process of having to first borrow credit before next using that to buy data.

How to Borrow data on MTN XtraByte

Dial *606# on your MTN line.

Select 2 to go to MTN Xtra Byte Service and select any of the options you need as shown below

XtraByte Data
10 MB
24 hrs
30 MB
24 hrs
100 MB
24 hrs
200 MB
48 hrs
750 MB
7 days

The value available for you depends on credit limit for the month, which is mainly, how much you have recharge within that month


To check your XtraByte data in this special account, by dialing *606#, and then choose check balance.

Remember that the value of each borrowed data is inclusive of 10% charges.

You can also go for the Night plan for just N25, click here to subscribe


The primary target market for XtraByte is all active MTN’s prepaid subscribers.

To check if you are eligible for this MTN XtraByte service, dial the USSD code on MTN sim, *606# and then choose 1.

In addition, customers are required to meet the following criteria to be eligible:

- SIM must be registered
- Customer’s number must have been active on the network for at least 3 months.
- Customer’s main account balance must be between N0 and N12.

Additionally, you have to make a recharge and usage of at least N500 within a month to be able to use any of the XtraTime or XtraByte services.

Eligible customers also have advantage of borrow data even if he or she have an existing airtime debt that are not yet pay back and as long as customers are still within their credit limit. Customer can pay back amount of the data borrowed will be deducted once subscriber recharge or receive airtime via Share N Sell or any other means.

Meaning that, to payback XtraByte data borrowed customer must recharge his or her account and the amount of data borrowed is first deducted from the recharge amount and the balance, if any, will then be loaded in his/her main account.

For example if a subscriber owing N220 XtraByte and recharge N500 credit card the N220 owed is first deducted from the recharge, then N280 will be loaded into the subscriber's main account. In cases where the recharge amount is less than the outstanding XtraByte data amount, next recharges will be used to recover whatever is outstanding until the debt is fully recovered.

Note that you cannot use any bonus in any of her/his dedicated account(s) to payoff the MTN XtraByte debt incurred.

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