GBWhatsApp V7.00 June 2019 Anti-Ban Latest Update

GBWhatsApp has released the latest version GBWAv7.00 2.19.17 armeabi  v7a atnfas hoak apk  June 2019 Anti-Ban Update to users on android. The modded WhatsApp alternative which delivers more functionality than the regular WhatsApp has packed even more features to this AntiBan release.
See Latest Features below.

We are providing a safe and direct download link to the latest GBWhatsApp atnfas_hoak.apk as well as links to previous versions.
GBWhatsapp Latest Update

For those thinking, “Why do I need this when I have the regular WhatsApp?” GBWhatsApp offers exciting customization for your WhatsApp chatting experience.

The basic advantages of GBWhatsApp over WhatsApp include:

1. You have the opportunity to run two WhatsApp on one device.
2. When copying multiple chats, you have the option not to include the “Date stamp” and “Sender”.


3. Various text and line color customization

4. Background image selection
5. If you are a WhatsApp group admin, you can see the people active on your group and the inactive ones.
6. You can send all kinds of documents as well as bigger video size
7. You can change the color of quoted messages
8. You can send broadcast message to more people than regular WhatsApp
9. You can set SECURITY PASSWORD to your chats

For the GBWhatsApp GBWAv7.00_2.19.17_armeabi_v7a_atnfas_hoak apk June 201 Latest Update, these are the new features;

  1. Anti-Ban (If you got banned before please take Backup - Uninstall App / Install GBWhatsApp v7.00 again)
  2. Extend expiry for this Base
  3. Fixed Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen
  4. Fixed Payments Color in Attach Menu
  5. Fixed Crash when open chat in some devices
  6. Other Fixes


Install, restore chats and enjoy the updated Anti-Ban GBWhatsApp.

The download link for the Next Update of GBWhatsApp will be dropped here so bookmark this page for faster access. Press Control+D to bookmark now.

Old Versions Links:

GBWhatsApp v6.65
GBWhatsApp v6.40
GBWhatsApp v6.30 , Link 2 (Zippyshare)
GBWhatsApp v6.25 , Link 2 (Zippyshare)
GBWhatsApp v6.10
GBWhatsApp v6.0
GBWhatsApp v5.9
GBWhatsApp v5.8


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