MTN increases recharge PIN to 17-digit on vouchers

MTN Nigeria has increased the number of digits for the "RECHARGE PINS" on vouchers from 16 to 17 digits.

Don't be alarmed if on your next recharge from a MTN scratch card, you type in 17 digits instead of 16.

This will affect MTN Scratch Cards of all denomination, the digits in the recharge card you will type in the process of loading MTN recharge cards will be 17.

Despite the change the old 16 digit vouchers remain valid and useable. Also, whether you recharge a 16 or 17 digit pin code the value of the airtime remains the same.

Recall that in 2016, the foremost telecom operator increased the number of recharge pin digits from 12 to 16.


Prepaid recharge pins or voucher activation codes are generated and stored in a server called Voucher Server.

According to Quora, in the voucher recharge, a subscriber generally dials a USSD short code which includes voucher activation code ( eg: *555*35353899399390#). Then if the voucher code is correct, the account is credited with recharge amount.

If a network provider runs out of of possible number combination for code generation, an extra digit would be added to expand the range of activation or recharge pins.

An extra digit on the code might made available, up to 1 billion possible recharge pins for use.

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