World’s Smallest Phone with 32GB Fits into Your Wallet

While most manufacturers are pushing on the big screens and bezel-less, a company in UK is pushing through what would be described as the world’s smallest fully functional mobile phone.

It is so tiny; it can fit into your wallet or front pocket comfortable with spaces left.

The UK-based company Clubit New Media last week introduced Zanco Tiny T1, the smallest fully functional mobile phone “in the world.”

A little bigger than your thumb and lighter than a coin, this cute device operates on 2G, with a 200mAh battery boasting 180 minutes talk time and 3 days standby time. It comes with a nano-SIM slot.

It comes with a surprisingly readable and bright 12.5mm OLED screen and crumb-sized keys; this may be the right emergency phone for you. It actually fits in that seemingly useless little pocket on your jeans or running leggings.

According to Clubit New Media/Kickstarter, the phone is “perfect for joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists, and those who take part in extreme sports, because it’s so compact it can go in any size pocket”.

It is also good news for parents who want a way of being able to contact their young kid, without necessarily exposing them to the dangers of online influences and cyberbullying.

Expected to ship anywhere in the world by May 2018, the Zanco Tiny T1 bar phone is equipped with 32GB of storage: enough to hold up to 300 phone numbers and 50 SMS texts.

You can pre-order your Zanco Tiny T1 on kickstarter  for £30 ($40).



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