How to Watch Movies with subtitle on your Android and Desktop


If you had downloaded a movie without the subtitle showing, no need to worry, you can now add the necessary subtitle lines on the movies. All you need is a knowledge of how to “copy”, “paste” “unzip” and rename files using any file manager on Android (Xplore preferred) on Window Explorer on PC.

How to:

1. Get your download movie file to your specific video folder. [copy or move]

2. On your browser, go to and type in the name of the movie in the “Search Bar”.
Note that there are basically 4 major types of movie releases: (a) CAM rip, (b) BR rip or Blu Ray rip, (c) WEB rip and (d) DVDScr rip. So take note of these names on your video files when going to download the subtitle files.

Scroll down to the English subtitle section and select the appropriate file, it would take you to the download page and you then click on the green download button.

3. The downloaded zip folder is a <50kb compressed file. Extract to file and make sure the subtitle file and the video file are in the same folder (location).

a. How to extract, move and rename on Android
Using Xplore [Download Here] double pane view, open the video folder on one pane and use the other pane to locate the downloaded zip folder.
Select the subtitle file and copy to the video folder on the other pane.
Then rename the copied file (very important) to bear the same name as the original video file name but with different extension (.srt).

b. How to extract, move and rename on PC (Desktop)
Using Window Explorer, locate the downloaded zip folder and right click on it and select “Extract Here”, it should extract out the subtitle file with the extension .srt.
Copy that file to where your movie file is located and paste.
Rename the copied file to bear the same name as the original video file name but with different extension (.srt).
4. Open the movie with your VLC player [Download Android Version Here] or [Download DesktopVersion Here] and enjoy the subtitle.

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