Prevent your line from being deactivated with Glo ALWAYS ON

Glo ALWAYS ON gives you assurance of 365 days of continuous services, even when you do not use your line to make or receive calls, text or use data for browsing, streaming, downloading etc. Your sim will not be deactivated or disconnected from the GLO network due to inactivity.


If you plan to travel out of Nigeria for extended period or you expect to be in a place with no access to Glo Service Centres for SIM Swap or replacement, this service is for you.

The service is available to all prepaid customers.

How to prevent your line from being disconnected

To prevent your line from being deactivated, subscribe to Glo Always On by dialing *777#, then select ALWAYS ON from the menu


 Conditions for Subscribing to Glo ALWAYS ON service

1. You must have 500 naira on your account balance which will be deducted to activate the service.


2. The ALWAYS ON plan is only valid for 365 days and is renewable.

3. You will be migrated out of your present tariff plan to Glo ALWAYS ON tariff plan which gives you 12k/sec rate to all networks in Nigeria (no daily subscription charges)

4. If you decide to migrate to another tariff plan, for instance BEREKETE, you will lose your one year “no deactivation” status.

At the end of the One-year ALWAYS ON subscription, you must renew else your line will revert to the normal status.

You will receive an SMS reminder prior to the expiration of the 365 days ALWAYS ON plan.

More information on this service, go to Glo ALWAYS ON webpage

And remember to link your Glo line to your NIN (National Identification Number) by sending NIN to 109 by SMS to prevent blocking or deactivation of your line and SIM.

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