Exciting Recreational Games to try out at the beach

Technology has added fun and excitement to recreational games at the beach. Either you are living near the sea or holidaying at a beach, there are lots of exciting games to add to the thrill of the open water and give you an unforgettable experience at the beach.

Now, you can “Walk on Water” at the beach

One of such game is the ever popular Water Zorbing Ball where you actually “walk on water”. Only that in this, you do not need a miracle; all you do is jump inside the inflatable ball and walk, bounce, flip or roll over the water.


You can have an actual racing on the water with your friends as each other race to the finish line stock inside the Water Zorbing Ball. There will be bumps on the way, crawling, rolling or just letting the waves guide you through, all adding to the fun.

Fun and Fitness

And the best part, you don’t have to wear any swimming costume, giving you total freedom to maneuver. The athletic part of it is the ability to maintain your balance and stabilize yourself inside the ball. Don’t worry if you roll over, it all part of the fun.

How about Flying 

Tired of walking? Let’s fly.

Imagine an inflatable fish-shaped boat with handles attached together and pulled by a high speed yacht, while you grip on the handles in the Flying Fish Inflatable Boat, it gains speed and leaps off the surface of the water into the air.


Whoosh, the thrill is exhilarating!

You wanna fall off? Don’t worry; it is totally safe as you splash head-on into the water and wave on the others. Just wear your life jacket and follow necessary instructions.

You can also play safely with the kids by propelling the inflatable Fish Boat by hand from behind while the kids ride on (yeah, no yacht this time).

The fun part

Why not play “Last Man Standing” as the yacht takes sharp turns giving you that car-drifting fever pitch feeling in a much safer environment as you may be flung into the sea if your grip was not strong enough.

If you wanna go for something wider and more stable? Ride on the Flying Banana Boat and leap skyward as the yacht surge forward in full speed.

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For your next vacation plan at the beach, get extra fun on the water with these recreational games.

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