Microsoft Announces changes in UI for Future Windows 10 Releases (Photos)

Microsoft is set to replace Modern (formerly known as Metro UI) as the standard design language for Microsoft products starting with Windows 10.

Announcing this at the Build conference in Seattle 11th May, Microsoft said the new UI for its products, will be officially named the "Microsoft Fluent Design Language." or Fluent for short.

Despite the fancy new name, this new UI style has been in the works for quite some time now, under the name of Project NEON, and has some screenshots have leaked in online articles.

The revamp was necessary as Microsoft pushed into augmented reality and other fields, where the 2D flat look of Modern wasn't suited especially in the evolving Windows 10 Redstone builds.
The new Fluent comes with old Aero-like transparent backgrounds, and support for 3D-enhanced graphics, animations, motions, and lighting.

"This seems like one of the first design languages that is meant to address not only 2D UI, but also elements of mixed reality and sensory experiences," said Josiah Tullis, a UX and industrial designer and former UX design intern at Google. "I'm very impressed."

Below is a series of images we collected about the new Microsoft Fluent Design Language, so you won't have to waste time searching for previews. More images will surface in the coming months, as developers will test apps with a Fluent UI in Windows 10 Redstone 3 builds.

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