MMM is back but you cannot get help? – Solved

MMM is back as promised and is paying. On 13th January, 2017, MMM lifted the general moratorium and released all frozen MAVRO for cash out.


However some people still can’t Get Help on MMM even though they can see their available MAVRO. If you clicked on Get Help and you get the message, “MAVRO cannot be withdrawn, click to see details”,

we have worked out a solution to Get Help and we have been having testimonies.

Here is the solution if you cannot Get Help on MMM

1. Go to your Personal Office (PO) and check if your MAVRO is confirmed and “Available for Withdrawal”.

2. If it is available, log out completely from MMM (if you are using PC, close the browser after logging out)

3. Log in again and click on Get Help, it will open

4. IF the Get Help still cannot open, then you will have to log out again and clear your browser data/cache (see “how to” below).

5. Be careful here because this will log you out of your Facebook and other sites that requires log in so write out your passwords before you clear data/cache.

6. After clearing the browser data, open nigeria-mmm site again and put in your email and password.

7. Your Get Help will surely open, follow the instructions to cash out your MAVRO

8. Remember that the pay out limit imposed by MMM to prevent initial rush is still in place.

9. Remember that you can still PH now and get your money back in 30 days.

10. If you want to join MMM, you can click here to register on MMM.

If it works for you, comment below please.

How to clear Browser Data/Cache in Mobile browser (Android)

1. Go to Settings on your phone and locate Apps (or Apps management)
2. Tap to open and locate your favorite browser.

Apps-management-on Settings

3. Tap on the browser icon to open the settings and scroll down to locate the Clear data and Clear  Cache button, tap on the two.


Note: For some Android versions, you may have to tap on “Storage” to show the “Clear data” button, just choose clear all data.


4. Close Settings (Press Home) and open the browser again, then go to nigeria-mmm site and log in.

How to clear Browser Data/Cache in Web browser (Windows)

1. Locate the “Option” button on your browser.
(For Firefox and Chrome, it is the 3 dots or dash by the top right corner of your browser.
For Opera and UC Web, click on the browser icon by the top left corner)
2. Click to open and go to Settings
3. Locate Privacy (for some browser, you may have to click on Advanced Setting before you can see Privacy Settings).
4. Under the Privacy setting, locate “Clear browsing data” and click to clear all log in and cache data on your PC (from the beginning of time).
5. For some browser, there is an option to clear data for a specific site instead of everything


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