Is MMM Still Working in Nigeria?

MMM has been facing a series of backlashes following purported move by the House of Representative calling on EFCC to arrest promoters of MMM.

Other reports took it further and claimed that the Federal Government is planning to shut down the site of MMM Nigeria and that MMM Nigeria has crash.

This has resulted in some panic by prospective participants of the program and lot of questions have been asked (and answered).

In spite of the seeming attack on the reputation of MMM, the program has been waxing stronger with even more participant joining and getting help.

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In a bid to present objective information to our audience, we made series of inquiries from both side of the fence and here are some of the clarifications:

UPDATE: So MMM has unfreezed MAVRO but you cant get help? Click here

-  MMM system is designed to prevent crash and protect every participants.

Did the House of Representative called on EFCC to arrest promoters of MMM?

The man at the center of this news, the Honourable member, Hon  Saheed Fijabi who raises the issue on the floor of the house was asked specifically if the report was true. He vehemently denied calling on EFCC to arrest promoters of MMM, instead according to him, he was trying to enlighten Nigerians to understand MMM first before putting their money.

Although he also added that he called on relevant authorities to investigate the program and make sure Nigerians are protected if the investigations show that MMM is fraud. Click here to download the audio transcript.

So, is MMM fraud?

According to the criminal code (419) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Fraud is getting something under false pretense is giving false information to trick the victim into giving away something. So far, MMM has been paying everyone who has requested help exception of those who by mistake of omission or commission of details had their account frozen pending investigations to avoid fraud.

Can FG shut down MMM website?

Or rather, will FG shut down MMM?
If the Federal Government has a good cause for action eg massive non-payment of participant, they can attempt to shut down but since MMM servers are not in Nigeria that will be a herculean task. The only alternative of censoring cannot work as people can easily bypass any censorship even in China.

Should I continue to provide help in MMM?

I can authoritative confirm that MMM Nigeria is still providing help to anyone who makes the request. There is no cause for panic.

If you are yet to register, click here to go to the MMM Nigeria official site or WhatsApp me on 08028653690 or to help you set up the account properly.

How risky is MMM?

Even around you, you see signs like, “Cars are parked at owner’s risk” but you still park your car. Why? Because you understand the risk and you know how the system works. Same with MMM, you can read this article on how MMM works to get full understanding.

Beware of Fraudsters

Do not respond or click to any email asking you to “SECURELY LOG IN TO YOUR PO AND SECURE YOUR ACCOUNT”, they will collect your password and block your access to your account.

If you receive any sms notifying you of any changes in your PO, respond immediate and alert your Guider.

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