Enable Hidded Features of WhatsApp with WA Enabler, Download Here

Wa Enabler unlocks certain hidden features of WhatsApp which are not available for normal usage.

We earlier gave you an updated version of GBWhatsApp v4.8 which has most of this features enable by default but with WA Enabler, you can access all those features on the original WhatsApp on your device.

Download WA Enabler below and start using more features on your WhatsApp

What WA Enabler will do on your WhatsApp;

- Create group invite link
- Video call
- GIF Send
- Multicast (send msg to all groups in one forwarding msg)
- Enable Two factor auth
- Enable photo editor
- Mention features

Mind you, all these features are already inbuilt in the normal WhatsApp but not enable. You can enable all these features on your own but you need some knowledge of codes and the Linux Operating System.

If you still want to see what you can do (without touching anything, lol), open data/ data/ com.whatsapp/ shared_prefs/ com.whatsapp_preferences.xml and open with a good text viewer


-  Latest version of WhatsApp downloaded from Playstore
-  A rooted device

How to use WA and unlock WhatsApp features?  

- Click here to download the Wa Enabler (3mb)

- Install the downloaded apk and grant superuser permission.

- Go through the options and  enabled any of the features you want with a tap

- Force stop WhatsApp from Settings  and re-launch or simply reboot your  device

- Open WhatsApp and check out hidden features.

- You can now create group link, make video calls etc on your normal WhatsApp

WhatsApp is much more fun with these features enable.

Remember that some features may be restricted in some countries even after you enable them.

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