Alert! Before you dial *555* on Airtel, Read this New Info

- Airtel New *555* bonus now 6x (6 times) your recharge but no more free data

Airtel *555* bonus previously allows you enjoy 5 Times the value of EVERY recharge on Airtel, However, over the week, Airtel decided to restructure the bonus. See the new offer below.

The good news they told everyone was that the bonus has been increased from 500% to 600% but what we were not told was that the bonus is now only for recharge above N200 and no more data bonus.

This changes effective from 23 August 2016 means that Airtel has restructured how recharging with *555* works.

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Below is a comparison between the old structure and the new when you recharge using *555*PIN#

Old structure of *555*

- Free 200MB data on recharge 200 naira
- Free 1GB data on recharge of 1000 naira
- Free airtime to call Airtel lines
- Your original recharge amount remains intact on your main balance.

New structure for *555* effective August 2016

- 600% bonus on every recharge from 200 and above.

- No free data or free Airtel to Airtel call bonus, therefore, the 600% bonus will be deducted for browsing, calls and texting

- Zero original recharge amount. The money you used to recharge disappears, only the bonus is what you see and use

- And to make it worse, the bonus is valid for ONLY 3 days.

To get this re-packaged offer, simply buy a recharge voucher of any amount from N200 and above and then recharge using  *555*PIN#

Dial *556# to check your balance for the Airtel 600% offer

Click here to compare this offer with Etisalat 250% Super recharge offer

Honestly, I will not recommend this new plan for anyone unless you are ready to get a bonus that last for 3 days only and no data bonus.

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