Franz: Best Social Messaging Client on PC

Staying connected to your favorite social network on PC may not be as sleek and easy as on mobile. Most social network services offers desktop version of their messaging apps but Franz free messaging and chat client combines most chat & messaging services into one smart application.

Also featured in this review is a workaround to auto Windows startup of Franz app.


Do you need access to all your chat services without overcrowding your desktop with open windows or you just want to save yourself the stress of switching from one chat window to another to keep up with the notifications? You need Franz messaging app

Franz offers one app for more than 23 services including  WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, mysms and many more (including Inbox by Gmail).


The best part is that it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. The PC version runs very sleekly without annoying pop-ups, screen takeover or force installation of features or plug-ins that you may never need.

You also have full control over notifications, sounds, chat screen size as well as every other features each services provides on-the-app.

Privacy concerns? Franz is only concern about delivering your messages, “he” does not read anything you type, send or receive.

Different accounts on Facebook? This is the feature I love most; with Franz messaging app, you can add each services as many times as you can, it doesn't limit you to one account. If you have different business and private account in any of the services, you can manage all of them on one platform.

With the Franz messaging client, you could even use five different Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on your desktop.

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The Franz messaging app is very light on system resources and has a tabbed service window which allows you to switch the service tab as well as monitor the chat count on each of the service in one window. That sounds neat, right?


Download Franz free messaging app on your desktop on any of the platforms for free

Windows? Click here

Mac? Click here

Linux 64bit? Click here

All other versions of Franz, 32 bit setup as well as the latest update and support, Click here.


From users’ response, the most mentioned issues being expected in the next versions of this wonderful app include:

1. Login / log out screen for greater privacy

2. Central auto media download control for all services

3. WhatsApp still needs the mobile app to be connected to internet (Well, that is WhatsApp issue, you may say, but having an emulator inside Franz is possible).

Auto start up (Start with Windows) option has been included in the updated Franz V4.0.0.

But you can always use this walk around to launch the services when you start windows 10 or any other versions of Windows.

a. Press Win+R

b. Type shell:startup and press Enter


c. It will open the startup folder, just copy the shortcut of the program and paste in the folder.

That’s all, you may close the window. When next you start your Windows, Franz messaging app or any other program you pasted there will launch automatically.

On the whole, it is a great app and worth having. Download, install and feel the new experience


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