How to Record Whatsapp Calls On Android And iOS

How to Record Whatsapp Calls

I have been searching for Whatsapp news and come to know that we call also record WhatsApp calls no matter you are using android, Iphone IOS or Windows phone.
This is not an official feature that comes with Whatsapp you need to install an alternative app that does this trick for you and can record all the important calls your having on WhatsApp. Calling feature in WhatsApp is like life saver and nowadays we are using this more that normal calling as I think cause it save our money and we can also call over the world over the internet without any extra charges so maybe some of you there want to save you conversation or record the calls over the Whatsapp so here is the solution for you.

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android

  1.  Get this app Real Call Recorder.
  2.  Download in your phone and install it.
  3.  Open the app and find for WhatsApp on the menu.
  4.  Check the WhatsApp box in the app.
  5.  Now here’s the magic begin.
  6.  Make a call over the WhatsApp.
  7.  It will record all the calls automatically in the background.
  8.  It will let you know when you finish the call and show you in the notification bar.
  9.  You can see all the recorded calls in the app and manage them.
  10.  Make sure the app is running in the background while making the call.

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on iPhone IOS

  1. You must have jail-broken iPhone for this trick.
  2. Go to Cydia and find Watusi under the BigBoss repo.
  3. It is paid repo but you can also found for free in google.
Hope You have understand  "how to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android " kindly share others and also leave comment for more tricks.

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