Etisalat BIS Settings on Psiphon 2016

BIS data plan on Psiphon is back, this time on Etisalat and it promises blazing speed with the settings posted here. The plan is for Daily and Weekly basis and all are capped at 6 GB. And the best part of it is that this latest etisalat bis settings now powers all your apps and you can even share it using our usual method.

Psiphon Settings For Etisalat BIS BBLite

To get the Etisalat BIS data blazing on your devices, just follow the settings below. Subscribe and set up your psiphon with the correct Etisalat BIS settings on psiphon as outlined here

The settings are 100% tested and confirmed.

To Subscribe for the Etisalat Bis Plan, make sure you have the required balance on your Etisalat line and send any of these codes by sms according to your use

24 Hours: Text DLite to 399 @ N70/daily
7 Days: Text WLite to 399 @ N350/weekly
24 Hours:  Text Dmid to 399 @ N100/daily
7 Days:  Text Wmid to 399 @ N350/weekly

Remember like the days of MTN BIS as posted earlier on, all are capped at 6 GB per subscription.

Set up your Phone APN Settings 

Proxy: leave it blank
Port: leave it blank
Username: leave it blank
Password: leave it blank

Click Here to Download Psiphon Handler if you don’t have it or choose other versions here.

Open the psiphon app and set it up as follows:

Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: HTTP
Real Proxy Server: leave it blank
Real proxy Port: 80
Tap on Save

Go to Options and select Region as: United States

Now tap on Start. It will connect within seconds with very fast speed


Kindly dial *​399*​2#

Remember, this is a tweak, don't expect to work forever, if it doesn't work for you ask questions, if it is blocked, there are breakthroughs we would not want to post here, just ask around. Thanks


Questions, Tips, Appreciation? Please Comment, Thanks

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