New Data Plans for MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo 2016

New data plans for MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo being rolled out for May 2016 promises cheaper rates. Whatever you use the data bundle for, live streaming, heavy download, normal download etc. Each network offers suitable cheap data plans and packages.

No more paying N2,500 for 4.5GB night and day plan, below are the newly introduced data plans;



General MTN new data plans for 2016

Daily Users 

MTN 30MB for N100, SMS 104 to 131 - Valid for 24Hrs
MTN 100MB for N200, SMS 113 to 131 - Valid for 24Hrs

Weekly Users 
MTN 750MB for N500, SMS 103 to I31 - Valid for 7 days

For Those on Pulse Tariff Plan
MTN 1GB for N500, Dial *406*2# - Valid for 7 days
To check which tariff plan you are on dial *123#
To migrate to MTN Pulse and enjoy this 100% Dealzone offer plus N6 per min calls and other benefits, Click Here

Monthly Users 
MTN 1.5GB for N1000, SMS 106 to 131 - Valid for 30 days
MTN 3.5GB for N2,000, SMS 110 to 131 - Valid for 30 days
MTN 10GB for N5,000, SMS 116 to 131 - Valid for 30 days
MTN 22GB for N10,000, SMS 117 to 131 - Valid for 30 days

Data Plan For All Mifi Users (3Months) 
MTN 50GB For N20,000, SMS 118 to 131 - Valid for 3 months
MTN 85GB For N50,000, SMS 133 to 131 - Valid for 3 months

MTN 500MB for just N25 midnight plan

– Dial *406# to Migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan
– Then Subscribe to the night plan by sending "Night" to 131
– Use the 500 mb only between 12 midnight to 4 am Click here for the full gist

Other MTN Night Plans

– 1GB Night Plan, (9PM – 6AM) Cost N200
– 2.5GB Night Plan, (9PM - 6AM) Cost N500
– 5GB Night Plan, (9PM - 6AM) Cost N1000

To Subscribe for any of the above night plans.
Simply dial *198#, then Choose 2 and then 8.
Each of the plans is valid for 30 days.

Cheap MTN Daily Data Plan for N100

– Make sure you have N100
– Then dial *446*11*4*7*5#
– You’ll get a confirmation message upon successful subscription & 500mb will be given to you.
– Dial *559# or *559*2# to check your balance.

This should serve as an alternative for those who can't wait till midnight for MTN 500MB of N25 (12:00am – 4:00am), then you can go for this new better plan that is suitable for the whole.


Airtel New Data Plans for 2016

Android 1.0 is now 1k for 1.5gb, valid for 30 days dial *496#
Android 2.0 is now 2k for 3.5gb, valid for 30 days dial *437#

Easy bundle 500 for 750mb, valid for 14 days *418#
Daily 100 for 30mb, valid for a day *410#

Airtel Unlimited Night Data Plans:

Unlike other night plans by MTN that have data limits and works within 4 hours (12am – 4am), Airtel’s Unlimited Night Plan is unlimited just like the name implies and gives you unlimited data cap within 7 hours (11pm – 6am).

The Airtel Unlimited Night Data plans are as follows;

1. N100- Unlimited browsing for 1 hour between 11pm and 6am
2. N200- Unlimited browsing for 2 hours between 11pm and 6am

How to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Night data plan?

1. Migrate to the Airtel SmartTRYBE by dialling *312#
2. Dial *312*3# to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited Night Plan


Etisalat new data plans for 2016

» 1.5GB for N1000, dial *229*2*7#
» 3.5GB for N2,000, dial *229*2*8#
» 5GB for N6,500, dial *229*2*3#
» 8GB for N8000, dial *229*2*5#
» 10GB for N10,000, dial *229*4*1#
» 15GB for N15,000, dial *229*4*2#
» 20GB for N18,000, dial *229*4*3#

Glo has introduced new glo overload data plans which seems to beat all the others

Click here to see all the new Glo overload data plans in table


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