Reserved Your Special Ntel Number Now for 4G LTE rollout

Following the revamping of former Nitel into Ntel after the long wait, they have already launched the first ever VoLTE call. This has excited millions of Nigerians who are now expecting the roll out of the 4g network in Nigeria. Ntel will launch the 4G LTE network any moment beginning from Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja with the special 0804 number series.
To involve more Nigerians in the roll out plan, Ntel has finally launched their personalize website giving you more information about Ntel and how to contact them.

Ntel also gives you the platform to choose your own personalize special number.

How Can I Choose my Own Personalized Ntel Number?

Go to

Click on Reserve your number >>> Choose your own number

Fill in necessary information in the field available and Ntel will contact you to come pick up your personalize number when its ready to launch.

Ntel 4G LTE will surely be make sense especially for Nigerians that are hoping for super fast Internet connection. We will just have to see how their data prices will look like.

If you have successfully chosen your personalize number, let's us know in the comment box. ITyUNIT special number has already been reserved, get yours today. 


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