New Method to Activate MTN BB 10 Plans

This one is about the new method to subscribe and activate the MTN Bblited or bblitew plan. For some unknown reasons, the normal BB10 subscription code is not working (maybe cos of maintenance or upgrade) so people have been finding it difficult to subscribe or renew their blackberry plan on MTN.
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How to Activate MTN BB 10 Plans

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UPDATE: As we may have it, the system maintenance carried out by MTN which led to the difficulties in subscribing to the BBLITED, has been concluded and now we have a new set of codes to dial.

MTN BB10 MINI (Old BBLite) New Subscription Code
» Daily plan, dial *131*6*3*1# Cost N70 (Bblited)
» Weekly plan, dial *131*6*3*2# Cost N350 (Bblitew)
» Monthly plan, dial *131*6*3*3# Cost N1000 (Bblitem)

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MTN BB10 MIDI New Subscription Code
» Daily plan, dial *131*6*4*1# Cost N100
» Weekly plan, dial *131*6*4*2# Cost N550
» Monthly plan, dial *131*6*4*3# Cost N1,500

Or just dial *131# and follow the instructions to activate. If you still have difficulties in subscribing, cancel all old BB subscription by sending "STOP" or "EXPIRE" to 21600,  then dial the code again

Although the MINI and MIDI plans serves the same purpose but different rates, it has been confirmed that the BB 10 MIDI plans do last a bit beyond the time set to expire and it is more stable and faster.

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Method 2 - Dial subscription code 

Just dial *216# and follow the instructions to activate the subscription of your choice.

However, If it fails and you get the response "Hi, Your Activation to BB10 LITE Daily is failed." when subscribing for MTN Bblited, simply send "EXPIRE" or "STOP" to 21600 and redial the Bblited *216# subscription code again.

Method 3 - Calling Customer Care Self service menu 

Another method to activate the any of the BB10 plan  is to call Customer Service and use the self service menu NOT talking to the agents o. We hope the normal *216*3*1# code will be back soon.

To activate BBLITED N70 daily plan, just dial the customer care number 180, then after their usual welcome talk, choose your preferred language.

Then press 6, wait for some few seconds (say 4 secs) before pressing the next number. Press 2, wait for some secs then press 1,wait again then press 3, then press 3 again, finally wait for the voice prompt to give you options to press the corresponding numbers (you can press 3 for bblited).

Then follow the instructions and activate your respective BB 10 plans.

To confirm, just check your balance, once your money has been deducted, you are good to go.

To make the explanation for circumventing the MTN BB10 activation failed wahala easier, just dial 180, then follow the number prompts below:

PS: Make sure you wait for about 3 seconds interval before pressing the next number in the sequence

1 6 2 1 3 3 3 3 Your phone number, add #, then 1. (For Bblited)

1 6 2 1 3 3 3 1 Your phone number, add #, then 1. (For Bblitem)

1 6 2 1 3 3 3 2 Your phone number, add #, then 1. (For Bblitew)

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If it works for you let us know in the comment box below and also share the information with others by clicking the Facebook or Twitter button.

Enjoy your browsing and downloads on MTN BIS plans

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  1. Thanks so much... I thought d plan was blocked already

    1. Still blazing well bro and much faster with more servers discovered

  2. Ladyvee
    Done all this can't still subscribed. Kept been told belated daily is failed. Help!

  3. Its not working any longer, it says the request is unsuccessful

  4. Y'all complaining it's not working should try again, it's still working, did N70 via 180 following the steps up there yesterday morning, to my amazement it's still working up till now, more than 24hrs later..

    1. Have you tried ot now? Cuz i've been trying it infrequently for over 28hrs now and its the same. I even switched to another mtn sim.

    2. Have you tried the updated codes, I just did one this morning

    3. Nah, none of the above is working man, I think this cancelation is the real deal tho...

  5. I've tried all the methods posted above its still saying failed. Any other method?

  6. @ ITy UNIT really need your help. I've done all this, including dialing the new code... But MTN keeps telling me "your activation to bb10 lite daily is failed".. Please help
    From Sad Chic


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