Classifieds And How To Use Them [Sponsored]

So what is classifieds? 

Unlike many people tend to think, classifieds is not a web store. If you want to compare it to some shopping spot, think about market. Just like at the market, here you can find a wide variety of items (from something little, like toothbrushes and pins, to huge objects, like houses and land plots), sold by real people. Like at the market, sellers advertise their stuff in order to sell it more quickly. The only difference is that now everything happens in the very same place you are at. All you need is a phone and a special app. Got it? See how it works:

What is noticeable? Users experience all benefits of selling with absolutely for free. Just imagine: you have to pay rent for an encounter, and you have to pay for the printed lines in newspapers. However, with Jiji you can forget about it. What is more, all advertisements are very detailed and include picture – so you know what you buy. Also, you can contact a seller for getting precise information, and you can also bargain – a real market, just in a more civilized form.


If you are thinking about what classifieds are the best for shopping, stop and open It presents the best traditions of modern marketplace. It is also the biggest classifieds in the country with 520,000 active advertisements and 10,000,000 monthly users.

Isn’t that the best evidence of website’s reliability and convenience? In one of the twelve categories you will definitely find what you are interested in. Click on an item, and you will get the detailed description of a thing you are interested it, with all details and specifications. A photo is also included. Thus, you always know what you are going to buy. And in case it is not enough, you can always ask for additional information by contacting a seller.

Seller’s phone number is valid for sure, and contacting this person won’t be difficult. Just find something you want to get and try. Maybe, it will be a good start with classifieds on

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