MTN 0.0 With Pronet free browsing VPN


MTN 0.0 zero naira is still blazing and it is now getting faster with the new VPN added called ProNet. The Pronet v10.10 is a modded version of Psiphon with cooler features and more stable and faster than Netify and Syphon Shield. The best part of it is that you can now run 3 different Psiphon (like) vpn on your device, saving you the stress of tweaking your settings every time you are changing network or tweak mode.

It has the familiar Psiphon interface so you can use the same Psiphon settings for all tweaks on this vpn app including MTN BIS and Etisalat free browsing tweaks.

How to use ProNet to browse for free on MTN

1. Click here to download and install the Pronet v10.10 apk

2. Open the installed Pronet app and configure the handler as follows:
- Untick the “Remove Port” box
- Proxy Type: Real Host
(ityunit correct settings)
Under X-Online-Host,
- Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy type: HTTP
Just leave the others
Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings. Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device

You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.

Then click on “ProNet Options” and configure as follows for MTN 0.0

>> Tick the box "Connect through an HTTP Proxy"
>> Enable or Choose "Use the following Settings"
>> Host Address:
>> Port: 8080


On the phone settings, you can still use the default MTN apn settings, if you experience too much disconnection; change the Real Proxy type from “HTTP” to “Inject”.

Enjoy your free browsing on Android with this best Psiphon alternative

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  1. Working well with my Samsung Galaxy tab. Thanks

  2. Can this work with blackberry 10 phones?

  3. Ityunit can't seen to make it work. Followed all the steps. Will I have to wait for it to connect cos I tot it connects fast like psiphon

  4. Pls can u post Mtn an d etisalat free browsing settings using moded Tweakware WhatsApp no is 08095034192.thanks

  5. Hi Ityunit, couldn't connect my psiphon since 22/03/2016, i had to expire my active BBLITEW and did a fresh sub. it started working but stopped as soon the legit data from mtn finished. Now i tried this pronet but it isn't working either. Please bro what could be the problem and how do i resolve or go about this? thanks


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