Two magic ips with connection time of just 5 mins

As you all know, magic ips have been available for quite sometime, meaning with 0.0kb on your phone, you can actually browse, download, stream videos and chat on your android device. While this is a great news to all android users, the reality is that finding an ip can be one hell of a job. You get one ip today and find out you have to wait hours before it connects or it connects fast but disconnects easily.
Well, goodnews is two ips have been found to connect very fast and has proven to be very stable, only ish with the ip is the downloading speed. It is not as high as others you may have tasted. It has an average download speed of 80-100kb/s.

Here they are; and and 😃

You have to go to the "More Option" settings in psiphon and change the "Host Address"
You can also alternate the "Proxy Server" between, or

Configure your Psiphon for eti0.00  as follows:

Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Real Proxy Type: Default
Real Proxy Port:80

Under More Options
Click Connect Through an HTTP proxy
Use the following settings
Host Address: <<=== Change ip here


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    1. Use this ip. tested by whatsapp group members and working

  2. pls add me to ur group oga 08032061741

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    1. Please this is my whatsapp number ..can someone help me with any working Etisalat 0.00k and Mtn 0.00 working IP all my free browsing have just stopped please i need help thanks


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