Free browsing tweak on MTN with music+ is here once again, get 150 MB data per subscription for free with MTN music plus data and reload it up to 3 times to get a total of 450 mb for free each week. With this updated settings, you are guaranteed free 450 mb free for downloads on mtn musicplus cheat. It is that simple on Psiphon and Simple Server settings on android and PC.

How to Set Up Psiphon for Free 450 MB on MTN

1. With these settings, you can get 450 MB each week for (almost) free but remember to opt out first when the mb finishes before subscribing again. Make sure you have zero naira for the first 300 mb

2. Subscribe and activate the MTN musicplus Bundle by text: MUSIC to 5900 then wait for the reply  or after some seconds Check your musicplus mb balance with the code: *559*2#

Then next time, be doing these. 
>> First text d to 5900 [150mb for free]

When it finishes 
>>text  i to 5900 [150Mb for free]

Finally when that one finishes, get at least N20 on your account
>>text c to 5900 [150mb @ #15]
If you wish to go on, you can keep subscribing to the last at N15, when the 150 mb finishes, just send cancel7b to 5900 before you send C again for the next 150 mb. 
When this you can get up to 4 GB with N420 only 

3. Click here to download and install the Psiphon Handler Pro Lite. Do like me, use psiphon lite for Music Plus, then use the main psiphon for the Blackberry plan. That way, you won't be changing settings when the mb finishes, just switch the app.

New December Update: Click Here to Download all versions of Psiphon Handler 82 , 88 , 100 , 100.2 , Psiphon Handler Pro Lite

4. Open the installed Psiphon app and configure the handler as follows:
-          Proxy Type: Real Host
Under X-Online-Host,
-          Proxy Server:
Just leave the others

Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings. Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device

You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.
1. Select “Best Performance” in the ‘region select’.
2. Go down and locate “More options” under the “Handler” button.
3. Under the “Proxy Settings” Check the box beside “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings”
-          Host Address:
-          Port: 8080

4. Leave the others as default and go back to the main screen

To use Simple Android Server on Musicplus

Phone APN:
Port: 8080

1. Go to Local Server settings

2. Tick Use Global Proxy
3. Click General Settings
Open your Android Simple Server 3.5.0 and set the following... 
* Set Connection Mode= Local Server
* Enable Proxy= Enable (or Yes)
* Proxy Host=
* Proxy Port= 8080
* Enable Injection= Enable (or Yes)
* Host Replacement= Enable (or Yes)
* Injection Method= GET
* Injection Query/URL=
* Injection Host=
* Injection Line= Press Enter key 3 times
* Enable use Global Proxy= Enable (mostly requires root)
* Listen Port= 8080
* Buffer Size= 8092
* Concurrent Connections= 10
* Log Level= DEBUG

4. Save and Start the SimpleServer

Music Plus Setting for Simple Server PC

Click here to download and Extract the already configured Simple server for MTN Music Plus.
Open the extracted folder and locate the simple server.exe file
Click to open and minimize 

Then set your PC internet option (LAN Settings) proxy as 


Port: 8080 

How to use Musicplus on OpenVPN

Just click here to download the MTN Musicplus OpenVPN Config file
Import from inside the OpenVPConnect app and connect

How to renew unlimitedly when the 150 mb finishes

1. Text Cancel7D to 5900 (to opt out of the plan first) then
2. Text D to 5900 and wait for the reply or after some seconds check your balance with *559*2#


Questions, Tips, Appreciation? Please Comment, Thanks

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