How to Use Glo BIS on Android

 This article explains how to subscribe and use Glo BIS of 3GB at 1K on Android. There two main methods, one of which involves changing your IMEI and the other which you don’t have to change anything.

First Method

How to use Glo BIS on Android phone without Changing IMEI

1.      Put the Glo sim card in a blackberry phone and subscribe to Glo BIS by texting COMONTH to 777 after loading N1000
2.      Confirm the activation messages and browse on the blackberry phone for some minutes.
3.      Remove the sim card and insert in your Android phone. Make sure your data connection is off at this stage.
4.      Create a new APN for
Go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “More” > “Mobile Networks” > “Access Point Names”> Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner to open the options and select “New APN” and edit it as follows
-          Name: Glo BIS
-          APN:
Leave the other options and tap on the 3 dots again to open, tap to “Save”.
5.      Tap on the new settings (Glo BIS) to activate it as your default setting.
6.      Switch on your data connection.
7.      After a while, turn off the Android phone and remove the sim.
8.      Insert the sim back to the Blackberry phone (make sure it si on 3G or H+ and it is displaying the BB sign beside it)
9.      Browse heavily on the Blackberry for some minutes (with downloads if possible)
10.  Finally, remove the sim and return it back to your Android phone and enjoy the Glo BIS on your Android.
11.  MAKE SURE you never switch off your phone. If you switch off and it is no longer connecting, you would need to redo the procedure.

Second Method

How to use Glo BIS on Android phone by Changing the IMEI

We have already covered the various methods of changing IMEI both on rooted and non-rooted devices as well as on PC, so I will drop the specific links but first you need to generate the Blackberry IMEI.

How to generate Blackberry IMEI

2.      Extract the download zip folder to your desktop
3.      Open the folder, copy and paste the three .sys files to C:\Windows folder (Open Computer > Local Disk > Windows)
4.      Go back to the desktop folder and locate the GIPv4.1.exe and click to open
5.      Click on “generate IMEI”
6.      Copy out the Blackberry IMEI without the PIN

How to Change your IMEI to Blackberry on Android

1.      If your phone is not rooted, click here to change yourIMEI using MTKEngineering Mode.
3.      Easiest Method: If your phone is rooted, click here touse PC and change your IMEI using MTK Tools

Please note that changing IMEI is illegal in some countries (check your local telecom regulations), as such, we advise you to backup your original IMEI (copy it down somewhere) and reinsert it back when the promo ends.

ITy UNIT BlogTech or its authors are not liable for any malfunction of phone or any loss of data (if it ever happens) when using any of the method here. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK..

Always remember to backup your Android phone using ClockworkMod or MTKTools Recovery should in case it gets brick.


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