How to get free data from Etisalat

This article explains how to tweak your Android phone IMEI and get free data from Etisalat. The tweak has been on for a while but fans insisted that they want it explained in a way only ITy UNIT TechBlog does.

The trick is to make your phone appear to the network as a promo phone so that you can benefit from the Etisalat Smartphone Offer.

This would also serve as a general method to get data from all networks; the only difference you need to take note is (1) the network, (2) the first 8 digits of the phone being use for the promo, (3) the keyword to text and use to subscribe.

The procedure is divided into 3 steps:
-          Generate the required IMEI
-          Change your android phone IMEI
-          Subscribe to the offer

[First Step]

How to generate a valid IMEI

-          The phone model we are targeting for the promo offer is Tecno Phantom Z whose IMEI starts with these 8 digits “35370906”.
-          With this, you now need to guess the remaining 7 digits to complete the full 15 digits IMEI. Example “353709061234567”.
-          Optionally, you can use this online IMEI validator to make sure that the guessed IMEI is valid.

For the second step, we will cover the 3 major ways to change your Android IMEI for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

[Second Step – A]

[Second Step – B]

[Second Step – C]

[Third Step]
Subscribe to Etisalat Smartphone Offer
-          Text “Data” to “8186
-          You will receive a message crediting your line with 1.5 GB
-          Check your balance with *228#
If you did not receive any data, it is probably that the IMEI you selected has already been used by another person, just generate another IMEI (guess last 8 digits) and redo the IMEI change process

Please note that changing IMEI is illegal in some countries (check your local telecom regulations), as such, we advise you to backup your original IMEI (copy it down somewhere) and reinsert it back when the promo ends.

ITy UNIT BlogTech or its authors are not liable for any malfunction of phone or any loss of data (if it ever happens) when using any of the method here. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK..

Always remember to backup your Android phone using ClockworkMod or MTKTools Recovery should in case it gets brick.


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