How to stop Facebook notifications

You may have been noticing unusual notifications from your friend’s activities on your timeline, few days ago; we brought you the newsabout the new Facebook updates that will be delivering notifications of your friend’s activities and businesses near you to your timeline.

Some of these notifications help us reconnect with our old friends or find out about new businesses in our locality but most of them can be plain annoying. Other times, you may be tagged in some uninteresting photo or comment and then you start receiving notification from people who comment on it.

This article will help you stop receiving those annoying notifications from Facebook and also keep your email box free from numerous Facebook messages.

How to stop Facebook notifications on mobile browsers or Facebook app

1.      Open Facebook on either the app or in the browser. Please note that Opera Mini cannot show this feature, use either of Opera Browser, UC Browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.
2.      Go to the post you were tagged in or any other post you do not want to receive notification from.
3.      Locate the dropdown arrow (pointing downwards) at the right hand side of the post.
facebook dropdown arrow

4.      Tap on the arrow to open the options
5.      Then tap on “Turn off Notifications”. Note: make sure it changes to “turn on notifications” before you leave the option menu.

How to stop Facebook notifications on Desktop

1.      Open Facebook on your browser
2.      Locate the notification icon on the top right and click to open
3.      Find the notification that you wish to stop and click on the “X” button by the right
4.      Click “Turn off” to stop the notifications forever.

How to stop Facebook messages from flooding on your email inbox

1.      Open Facebook on your browser
2.      Locate and click on the “Privacy button” (with a padlock) to open
3.      Then click on “See More Settings”
4.      Click on notifications
5.      Locate “Email” and click on “Edit” by the right side. Then select “Important notification ……”
6.      Scroll down to “What you get notified about”
7.      Click on “Edit and select “OFF” on the dropdown arrow box
8.      Save

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