How to Setup Simple Server for MTN 150MB free data

 MTN recently introduced a package called APPtitude which comes with a free 150MB data bundle. The free data is configured to download apps only from, however, our team has made it possible to browse any site with the free 150MB data.

Click Here For MTN Simple Server Settings for BIS

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How to use the free MTN 150MB to browse any website or download any app

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1.      Subscribe to MTN free 150MB package

a.       Subscribe to APPtitude by texting “App” to “131
b.      You will get a notification if successful
c.       Check your balance by texting “chkbal” to “131

2.      Create and Configure a new APN settings on your Android

a.       Go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “More” > “Mobile Network” > “Access Point Names”.
b.      Choose the network (MTN) and tab on the Option button to create a new APN with the following settings;
-          Name: MTN SS
-          APN:
-          Proxy:
-          Port: 8080
c.       Leave the other settings, save and tap on the newly created APN to activate it as default APN.

3.      Download and setup Simple Server on your Android

a.       Download the new Android Simple Server (Click Here ToDownload) and install it on your Android.
b.      Open and configure the installed Simple Server with the following settings;
-          Proxy Host:
-          Proxy Port: 8080
-          Injection Method: get
-          Injection query/url:
-          Injection Line: *Tap your Enter Key 4 times*
-          Log level: debug

To configure Simple Server on PC for the 150MB to work

1.      Click Here to download this pre-configured Simple Server zip folder to your PC (2.7mb)
2.      Extract it (preferably to your desktop)
3.      Plug  in your modem and configure the Access Point, APN: leave the other settings unchanged
4.      Open the previously extracted folder and double-click on “SimpleServer.exe” to open. Keep it always open in the background.
5.      Open your FireFox browser, go to “Settings/Options” and configure it as follows;
-          Proxy:
-          Port: 8080
4.      Check the box beside “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and click OK.

Enjoy your Browsing on MTN
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