Set your picture as Display picture (DP) without resizing or cropping


Changing “Display Picture” or DP (avatars) is a fun part of keeping your social profile update and trending and they are a great deal especially in BBM or WhatsApp or Instagram. However, these instant messaging services normally force you to resize your favorite picture into a box which cut off some part of the picture.

Resizing your full picture into a square “window” is an issue that you can handle effectively with the right tools. You can either use an app or you your device to manipulate your picture.

Using App
Two effective apps, "#Square" and “Profile Without Cropping” provides the perfect tool to fit in your favorite picture irrespective of the orientation, size or aspect ratio into the square “window” provided for your display picture.

Download “#Square” from Playstore 
Download “Profile Without Cropping” from Playstore

Using your device
For this method, you need to know how to take screenshot on your device and how to enable/disable orientation (landscape/portrait) lock.
Open the picture you intend to use and turn your device 90 degrees ie keep it straight in portrait view, then take a screenshot (most times by pressing the volume down key simultaneously with the power key).

Now browse to where the screenshot is saved, open it and use it a display picture, it would fit in. Sometimes you may have to crop out the dark areas in the screenshot.

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