How to Find Your Phone on Google Search

The Google search engine seems not to be stopping at finding information and places, it can now find your phone. This is the new innovation brought into play by integrating Android Device Manager to Google Search.

If you are using the same Google account on your phone and Desktop, open  Google search and type “find my phone” and it will display the locations of all your Android devices on a live Google Map. Whilst this new feature allows you to see your devices, you cannot use the search result to lock you device or wipe it (at least not yet).

How to use it

It works mostly on Desktop or on mobile browsers with a “Request Desktop Site” feature. When using for the first time, Google will required you to sign in again to your account after typing in the keyword, “find my phone”. Then Google search result will display the locations of your android devices on the top result.

The live Google Map features a drop-down menu in the top right corner to select the Android device that you are interested in finding. Once you have selected the device, your phone will give a notification that Android Device Manager is requesting for its location.

This new service is available on search on your desktop web browser but you will also need to update your Google Search App on your Android device for the “find my phone” feature to work

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