Facebook has Change your Notifications Settings!

 Facebook has change the way notifications appear on your tabs. Previously, only notifications from your activities, like pictures you posted or made comments, were forwarded to you.

In these new changes, activities from your friends and even updates from bars in your locality will be brought to your notification tab. According to Facebook they are testing an “updated notifications tab that would add additional and relevant content which might be useful to you on any particular day”.

Your news feed would be made more dynamic such that you will not just know whose birthday it is but you will see more updates about your friends.

The updated notification tab will now have 8 new features which include:

1.      Nearby places: Eateries and Cinemas in your locality. (When you keep your location services turned on)
2.      Life Events: Updates from your friends (even when you never commented or be tagged by them)
3.      Trending Topics: A bit of Twitter on Facebook
4.      Birthdays: Even birthdays of friends of friends will be brought to you
5.      Local news: Trending stories around you will be posted on your notifications.
6.      Nearby Friends: You will not only see suggestions from friends of friends but also about friends in your locality.
7.      Events: All events updates from friends will be updated to you
8.      Today in the Past: You will be reminded of those not so good pix you posted 5 years ago

So watch out! Your privacy level on Facebook has change.

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