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A concise review of the best featured Instant messengers (IMs) and their selling features

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Top 6 in Review

6. Wiper 

This WhatsApp wannabe delivers what it promises and just that.
Your security and privacy is the top priority here, all messages are encrypted and also you can remotely wipe your chat history even on the other person’s device that you were chatting with. Free calls is also included.

Selling Points
  • -          Ability to clear your chat history everywhere
  • -          Call connect even on 2G network
  • -          Cross platform, you can now use your iPad for calls.
  • Has a usual means of adding contact through email and not phone number.
  • Many users complain of having to pass through a two-way verification (email and code) each time they want to use the app.
A great app to use alongside WhatsApp, you can chat and call loved ones for free and clear all traces with a touch of a button.

5. 2go

This fast improving IM offers and efficient cross-platform features that others ignore. It is available on android, Windows, Symbian and Java devices.
It also allows you to chat with your Facebook friends through an efficient gateway. Where Facebook messenger performed badly due to poor network, 2go sail through.
The room feature allows you to meet with people in the neighbourhood.

Selling Points
  • -          It works efficiently even on low powered Java devices and even better on Android smartphones.
  • -          The Facebook gateway allows you to connect to Facebook friends even on poor network.
It appears that its elling point is also its downside. Since it it the most popular IM app on low end, cheap devices, some people finds the room chaotic and full of low minds and kids.

Cool, lightweight efficient app.
If you do not know personally the person you are chatting with, use caution. The Facebook chat easily displaced my resource draining Facebook messenger.
If you don’t want mud on your face, stay away from the notorious rooms.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger offers a clean interface for chats and free calls. The “heads” notification ensures that you do not miss any chats.

Selling Point
It is an official app from Facebook and offers free calls

  • Battery draining
  • Relatively high data consumption
  • It is not stand-alone as it needs the man Facebook app to view pic/profiles
Personally, I use the web version of Facebook which closes when I quit the browser.

3. BBM

The now cross-platform IM app from RIM remains one of the most favoured business contacts and group chatting even though the craze for BBM pins has gradually die down.

Selling Point
  • Contacts – Pin request only
  • Mature platform to meet people
  • Lovely emoticons
  • Images not delivered if network is bad compared to WhatsApp that delivers anytime network improves.
  • Images received reduce in quality and look crappy.

2. Skype

Skype is the most popular video call/VoIP application and it is available across most platforms. Its integration into the Microsoft ecosystem seems to improve it the more. Businesses favours it for call conference and its IM facility is quite interactive.
Though its position as No. 2 is contentious, most users of other IMs falls back to Skype for what most IMs cannot offer ie free voice and video calls alongside the chats.

Selling Point
Free Video and Voice calls

  • The application looks strange on Microsoft’s own Window 8/8.1
  • The general front interface is not user-friendly.

1. WhatsApp

Undoubtedly the most popular IM, it originally started as a sms replacement and has gathered more features over the years. Recent acquisition by Facebook did not chage its simplistic interface.
You can send messages, pictures, videos and voice notes to anyone on your contact list.
With the introduction of voice calls, it has literally killed Wiper and render most telecom network providers as mere "sitting duck data pipes" as users might abandon the traditional GSM calls for cheaper VoIP calls.

Selling point
  • Simple interface
  • Free Calls
  • Simple setup – install, register number and start chatting.

Almost anyone and everyone can start a chat with you. While this is the basis on which the app was developed in the first place (as a sms replacement), users are asking for more restrictions to who send them chats or view their profile pictures/status.

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