20 Must Have Free Apps for Android


List of Android apps you should have on your device

Feel free to request anyone you need but not listed here.
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1. Handwrite : you can write on the screen and save automatically.

2. My Script calculator: Just write 1 + 2 on the screen and it will recognise it and give the answer.

3. DirectOffice Premium: I can print via OTG (USB) to any printer

4. Hide it pro: Not really an Audio Manger but the best disguised secret vault. It helps keep things out of your gallery and out of view

5. Offline Bible KJV: This is the most easy-to-navigate Bible on my android. You dont need to tab much to get to the verse, just swipe and select.

6. Dumpster: Recycle bin for android. your deleted items goes here for a while. no more mistakes

7. DroidWall. Best network/data manager (Root Only)

8. Ludo Classic: That nostalgia wooden feel is awesome

9. Opera Browser: The best desktop experience on Android

10. Screen Filter: Love using it in the night to read cos even the lowest brightest on Android is still hurting to the eyes

11. Firefox: Just the "save to pdf" feature. I wish opera could integrate this feature.

12. VLC: One of the few video player that have a fast forward button and the most video formats

13. UrlToPDFPro: Save your webpage to PDF

14. X-plorer: My best file manager since the days of Symbian and gets better on Android with its dual pane view

15.Fast Notepad: When you need to take down a note without having to wait for a document
processing app to open up, it also saves automatically when you close the app. Quite Handy

16. Vault: All those Bank alert that do not have numbers are easily captured by this app and redirected to a special place where only you can read it

17. Swiftkey: The only keyboard with an arrow button. I\'m waiting for the tab button to complete the experience.

18. Touch Pal: Although Swiftkey is (for me) the best in prediction, I make less mistakes when using Touch Pal especially with the iPad theme layout.

19. AppLock: Limit access to gallery, sms, whatsapp , even to pick call etc

20. Lucky Patcher: Remove most annoying and data demanding adverts on free apps. (Root Only)

21. Facebook: Ok, just kidding, I\'m done

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