Nokia 3310 get 3G upgrade with more apps

HMD Global, owner of the Nokia brand license has announced a 3G version of the colorful new Nokia 3310

So as well as talk, text and the classic Nokia Snake game, it now touts the ability for the 3310 3G to use apps like Facebook, Twitter and Skype — largely thanks to the presence of a 3G radio (vs the slower and possibly unsupported, depending on carrier and market, 2G GSM tech used in the 3310 announced earlier this year).

Given the presence of 3G, HMD has decided to beef up the size of the handset slightly — it’s 13.29% greater volume to be precise — saying it’s been ergonomically redesigned to enable more spacing between the buttons to make the typing experience more comfortable.

However battery life is considerably reduced, also thanks to the presence of 3G, with only up to 6.5 hours of talk time now vs up 22.1 hours for the 2G version. (Although Nokia 3310 3G users get up to 27 days of standby time, which is up slightly on the 25.3 days touted for the 2G version.)

“The addition of 3G data connectivity brings this popular phone to even more fans around the world,” HMD writes in a press release. “The Nokia 3310 3G combines the talk and text appeal of the current model with a 3G data connection, meaning you can now enjoy the classic across more countries.”

HMD says it had to develop some new core software to enable support for 3G — so the 3310 3G has a slightly different OS vs the 2G version of the phone.

The 3G version of the retro classic is also slightly more expensive (RRP of €69 (about N30,000) vs €49 for the 2G).

HMD says the 3G mobile will be rolling out globally from mid-October — with Australia among the first markets where it will be available.

Tech nostalgia is just one half of HMD’s mobile play of course, with an Android powered smartphone line — such as the Nokia 8 flagship it unboxed last month — and, now, a portfolio of nearly ten mobile devices in play after less than a year of bringing the Nokia brand back to the mobile market.


More apps, now supports Facebook, Twitter and Skype
More spacing between buttons for easier typing
Better and modern OS


Battery life reduced considerably due to 3G
More expensive

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