Top Reasons why Facebook Share Shows Wrong Image - Fixed

When you share a post link to Facebook, you may experience wrong or old image being shown instead of the intended image on the blog post.

Facebook's 2017 Open Graph v2.10 rely on the meta tags set up on your site or blog to get the information required to display the intended image on its timeline, however some things may go wrong and causes a wrong thumbnail to show on social shares.

Some of the reasons why Facebook url share shows the wrong image include;

1. Incorrect og:image meta tag set up on your blog
2. Image size below the minimum required size
3. Wrong image selected by plug in
4. Publishing post first before inserting images

Solutions to the highlighted issues might involve tasks as easy as fetching new information to changing template/theme.

The most important tool to resolve this issue is the Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool, which enable you see what information Facebook was able to grab from your blog and how it will be displayed on social shares.

You can also use it to troubleshoot your wrong image share to see what exactly went wrong and it most importantly, you use it to force Facebook to fetch new information from the blog post even if you fix the issue on your website it doesn’t not get the new information immediately. This button clears Facebook’s cache for the URL and retrieves it again.

1. Incorrect og:image meta tag set up on your blog

This is the most severe and caused by wrong configuration of your SEO setup on your blog.
For WordPress:
You need to set up your Facebook ID on Social settings if you are using Yoast (and you should).
For Blogger: 
i. go to Theme edit and run through the head section of your xml code,
ii. locate and confirm that you have the meta tag og:image,
iii. once confirmed, load your page and right-click to view the source code
iv. check the url following the og:image and open it in another tab
v. if the image correspond to the intended image, then the problem is not your theme, but if it does not correspond, then you may need to change or readjust your theme.

2. Image size below the minimum required size

If you have done the No. 1 and you confirm the image, check the image size. If the image you used as featured image is too small (Facebook Social Share requires min resolution of 200 x 200 pixels), Facebook will use its best guess to retrieve any other suitable image from your blog.

In this case, you just have to replace the image with a better quality image and use the Facebook Debugging Tool to enable Facebook get the new image for social shares.

2. Wrong image selected by plug in

If you are using a plug in such as “Auto Post Thumbnail” which automatically selects the first image on the blog post, you may have to manually reselect the required image and do a new fetch.

3. Publishing post first before inserting images

Once you publish a post, the og:image and other parameters are set automatically and the information passed on to Facebook.

If no image was inserted before the post was published, then the og:image would be empty, if you had later inserted the image, you have to use the Facebook Open Graph Debugger Tool v2.10 to fix it.

The Facebook Open Graph Debugging tool shows the raw data gotten from your blog, how Facebook interpretes the raw data as well as what will be included in the final shared post.

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