Updated Glo Data Plan for 2017 as new rates takes effect

Glo Mobile has updated its data plan for May 2017 to a new rate which reflects a reduction of about 50% in the data allowance across board. The Glo monthly data plan of N1000 which previously was 3.2GB for 30 days is now 1.6GB for 30 days. And the weekly plan is now 800MB for N500 instead of 1.6GB.
Before now (2016 data rates), Glo was offering the best competitive data rate in the market although some of its subscribers do complain of poor and epileptic service. The reduction affects both 3G and the 4G/LTE Data Services.

This new rate which puts it at par with the data rates offered by other network providers now means data allowance will no longer be the criteria to choosing their service. It is now a game of speed and reliability.

To subscribe for any of the new Glo data Plan dial *777# and select 1 for 3G Data Services or 2 for 4G/LTE Data Services.

See Glo New Data Plan for May 2017 Below:

Glo Small Plans

1. N100 = 35MB 1 Day
2. N200 = 100MB 5 Days
3. N500 = 500MB+ 625MB on Campus+ N500 Airtime + 125 MB to Gift 7 Days
4. N50 = 15MB 1 Day

Glo Weekly Plan

1. N500 = 800MB 7 Days

Glo Monthly Plans

1. N1000 = 1.6GB 30Days
2. N2000 = 3.75GB 30Days
3. N2000 = 2GB+2.5GB on Campus+N2000 Airtime+500Mb data to Gift 30Days
4. N2500 = 5GB 30Days
5. N3000 = 6GB 30Days
6. N4000 = 8GB 30 Days
7. N5000 = 12GB 30 Days
8. N5000 = 5GB+ 6.25GB on Campus+ N5000 Airtime+ 1.25GB 30 Days
9. N8000 = 16GB 30 Days

Glo Mega Plans

1. N15000 = 30 GB 30 Days
2. N18000 = 45 GB 30 Days
3. N6000 = 12 GB 100 Hrs with weekends
4. N15000 = 12 GB 300 Hrs with weekends

Glo Campus Plans

1. N100 = 100MB+ 125MB on Campus+N100 Airtime + 25MB Data to Gift 2 Days
2. N200 = 200MB+ 250MB on Campus+N200 Airtime + 50MB Data to Gift 4 Days

The New Glo data plan for May 2017 takes effect immediately. Dial *777# on your Glo line for more

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