Microsoft replicate Google's "Verify Apps" for Windows 10

Windows have been criticized for having the highest number of malware for the OS.

Microsoft is now fighting back to stem down the malware, especially those propagated through third-party application vendors, with the introduction of a replica of Google's "Verify Apps" feature for Android to Windows 10, which allows "express" install for only apps from the Windows Store.

While, the Anniversary version of Windows 10 already have the option to prevent classic Win32 apps from installing on Windows PCs (as they aren't available in the Windows 10 Store), the new feature will offer even more restriction options for Windows 10 users.

The new feature was reported by MSPoweruser, and it's expected to arrive in the Creators Update, coming in April.

Microsoft is currently testing the new feature, perhaps with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, it will see actual implementation to help prevent installation of malware on to Windows 10 machines. Albeit, the new feature is disabled by default, but for anyone who wants increased security, it can easily be turned on for substantial defense against installation of malware.

And through Apps settings, users can be able to control which apps are installed by choosing between 3 options; 'Allow apps from anywhere' or 'Prefer apps from the Store, but allow from anywhere', or a strict 'Allow apps from the Store only'.

For those worried about Microsoft locking down Windows 10 PCs and locking out traditional desktop apps, certainly this isn't any good news.


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