MMM 1-month Break, Can GiversForum fill in the gap with 90% pay back?

In regards to the recent general freezing of all accounts in MMM Nigeria, let’s examine what this means, what happens to your mavro, the way forward, the best MMM alternatives, giversforum and how Givers Forum works.

Participants of MMM Nigeria woke up Tuesday morning (13 December) to see the notice of a one month freezing of all MAVRO. What this means is that participants cannot get help (receive payment) even after the mandatory 30 days period till January 13, 2017.

MMM One month Break, Can giversforum fill in the gap with 90% pay back?

givers-forum-logoWhile MMM maybe the most popular, there are other similar schemes that work like MMM and even pay more than MMM. The main selling point of MMM is the fact that you don’t have to bring any referral under you before you get paid, in the same way, Givers Forum also match someone automatically to pay you when due making it the best MMM alternative.

How Givers Forum Works?

In Giversforum, when you register and provide help, you are paired with someone else and your earnings start to accumulate. For this December period, there is an ongoing promo that gives 90% returns on all PH (provide help) after 30 days.

This means that if you Provide Help of N50k, after 30 days, you will Get Help of N95k plus your registration bonus.
 And the best part is that you can Get Help in two weeks if you wish but your earnings will be 45% which is still bigger than what MMM offers in a month

How to register on Givers Forum

With its simple and straightforward interface, registration on Givers Forum is easy and FREE. However if you have any issues, you can always PM me on WhatsApp 0802865369O

1. Copy this: as your Referral Email to guarantee full support, information as well as extra bonus from ITyUNIT (send your email address after registration).
2.     If you are already on the site, click on register then Create account, otherwise use the link below
3. Click here to open GiversForum Registration page
4. Fill in the form with your details
5. On the referral email, use
6. Type in the answer to the simple math equation eg 9 + 6 = 15
7. Click on register
8. If successful, a simple dialog box will confirm your registration and you will be redirected to the log in page again.
9. Fill in the log in details ie email and password (you had earlier specified) and type the code in the picture to pass the security check and log you in.

If you need help in opening, send me your details through WhatsApp 0802865369O and I will open your Givers Forum account and send you your log in details within 10 minutes.

Differences between MMM Nigeria and Givers Forum

-   MMM Nigeria gives 30% interest; Giversforum gives 90% interest after 30 days
-   MMM gives you bonus only for your first referral, Giversforum gives you bonus both for the person you refer and also when that person you refer also refers another person.

Another incentive offered by Giversforum is that when you Get Help and you Provide Help again within 24 hours, you get additional 20% interest. What this means is that when you receive your payment and your provide help again within 24 hours for instance N100k, instead of getting the normal N190K back, you will paid a whooping N210k for just N100k investment.

In summary, as our tradition, we do not force or cajole you into a scheme; we only give best advice and expect you make your decision after all consideration.

Therefore, while waiting for MMM Nigeria to suspend the account freeze, IF you are very good in convincing people to join a scheme, join Ultimate Cycler and get 50k back from a N12,500 investment within a week (depending on how active is your team, click here to learn more), But if you are not very good in convincing or referring people, GiversForum is your best bet.

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