How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menus

Do have a problem with your windows 10 start menu or windows 10 apps, Here is what you are going to do to fix it with these simple steps.

The Best Way to Fix Windows 10 Start Menus

If your windows 10 start menus or apps as stopped working try these troubleshoot below:

1. Download Windows Repair Pro with Crack Here
2. Install and crack your windows repair pro software now launch it

3. Now click on repairs tab select open repairs

Note: make sure you tick Automatically Do a Registry Backup

4. Wait for the software to back up your registry

On repairs tab tick the following box

  • Repair Windows Update
  • Repair Windows Sidebar/Gadgets
  • Repair Windows 8/10 Apps store (Completely Reset App Store)
5. Now click on start repair wait for the repair to finish and restart your PC

With these troubleshoots your windows 10 start menus and apps will work perfectly, for more on issue and troubleshoot just leave a comment and your PC problem solved.

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