Share Wifi Hotspot with QR code access without giving out password

When you have access to unlimited data especially from tips dropped on this blog, you may feel the need to share your data with your friends, family and loved ones. However, the common practice is to give them your password to insert on their device and connect. While this is okay as long as you have the data, what if you don’t have enough data to share at some other time but their device is already on standby to connect once you switch on your wifi? But what if you can generate your QR code and share your password-secured wifi hotspot without giving the password?

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Most often, you just change your password each time you don’t need to share but with the 8 characters needed for password when using WPA2 security token, you might run out of 8 characters and will most likely start using a password you may not even remember at the next instance.

You can share your secured connection with anyone without giving out your password by just generating a QR code which the can use the QR reader to log in to your hotspot without going through settings. Just open the app, scan, connect and start browsing.

How to generate QR Code for Wifi Access on android devices

1. Click here to generate your personalized QR access code.

2. Set up your security settings on the page exactly as it is on your device:

a. Type in your correct WiFi SSID ie WiFi name or preferred network name
b. Type WiFi password
c. Select the security type you are using for your WiFi (WPA/WPA2 is more preferred especially if you intend to connect any Apple device) and finally,
d. Type any caption you want to use for the QR Code and just click on “Generate WiFi QR Code”.

3. After generating the code, you need to download the code, (use the download link is provided on same page to save the code image to your device for future use)

4. Now you can share the QR Code image to anybody you wish to share WiFi access without giving out your password.

How to share and connect the QR Code?

There are basically two methods to achieve this.

1. By sending the QR image to the other person.

For this method, you will need to transfer the QR image to the other party, then use a Bar code scanner on the other person’s device to scan the saved image and connect.
Download Bar Code Scanner here

2. By using the device camera

Here, you don’t need to send any QR image, just open the downloaded QR code on your device (from your gallery) and use QR Code scanner from the other party’s device to detect it from the camera and connect.
Download QR Code Scanner here

With these methods, you can be assured that while you are sharing your wifi hotspot, no one knows your password and it also saves you the stress of constantly changing your password any time you don’t want others to use your wifi hotspot.

Be advised that for advanced users especially those with rooted devices, there are still ways that any password can be viewed once it has been log on before. But for an average user, you are completely safe.

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