How to replace KingUser with SuperUser after Rooting

Replacing KingUser with SuperSu on your Android after rooting solve many problems of KingUser not granting root access properly for some apps even after rooting successfully. Even if you attempt to remove the KingUser and replace it with SuperUser, you run into the fail to update su binary issue especially if you had downloaded the SuperUser from Playstore.

KingRoot has proven to be the best one-click rooting app for most MTK devices but they always come with the KingUser app which usually has some compatibility issues with some apps and apart from that, it is in Chinese. To get the best from your rooting, you need to delete the KingUser and install SuperUser instead.

This guide presents two of the best and safer method for replacing kingroot with supersu in your device without any issues. One is hard and the other is quite easy using an app

Requirements Before you replace KingUser with SuperUser

- Terminal Emulator – Click Here to Download

- Rar for Android (To extract ZIP) – Click Here to Download

- Rooted Android Phone. Also See – How to Root Android Easily

- Working Internet Connection (NOT VPN) Click to See Cheapest Data

- Replace Kingroot with Supersu zip – Click Here to Download

How to Replace KingUser With Supersu after rooting with Kingroot
Method One – Using Terminal Emulator (Hard)

1. Install Terminal Emulator in your Android Phone, if you haven’t installed it already.

2. Extract Zip file in root of your SD card & in Internal Storage both, which you was downloaded above, named as

3. Then, Open Terminal Emulator in your Phone & Type Below Commands one by one and hit enter
4. After Enter above Command, it will ask you for Root permissions, Grant Root permissions and Enter below command.
sh /sdcard/mrw/
5. Now, it will start running script & you have to wait for some time, approx 2-3 minutes, make sure your mobile data is turned on.

6. When it is done, go to your App Drawer and confirm there is the super su app listed there. Click to open.

7. Now, it will ask you for update Superuser binary, Click on Continue button & Select Normal Mode

8. It may prompt you about other party root apps already installed, so you have to click on OK button and it will automatically remove Kingroot app from your phone and replace with Supersu app.

How to Replace KingUser With Supersu after rooting with Kingroot
Method Two – Using SuperSu Me Pro (Easy)

1. Click Here to Download Supersu Me pro apk

2. Install the downloaded app in your Phone and wait for some time for it to install depend on your phone’s performance.

3. After successful installation, run it and on the root permissions prompt, click on Grant button. This grants superuser permissions to the app.

4. After opening the app, you will see big green/blue android logo, just tap on it normally, and then continue to next steps.

5. The process of replacing Kingroot with supersu will start; it may take up to a minute or more to complete process depending on your phone’s performance.

6. Upon completion, it will automatically launch SuperSu app, Now Enjoy Supersu app, instead of Kingroot 

7. You can Uninstall the Supersu me app and enjoy SuperSu app in your phone without paying anything.

Supersu is much better that kingroot in every aspect. Kingroot interface is in Chinese language, which you may not understand so this will help you take full control of your Android.

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