How to customize your boot animation on any Android phone

Hi ity fans, here is another android tweak you need to know based on how to customize you android phone boot animation without any stress.

Sometime I wonder so much on how to customize my android phone boot Animation without getting my android bricked. I have tried this many times, Now i finally discover new way to customize your phone and its very simple when you root your phone.
 Android language Project is java and C++ programmed software which was developed by Lewis Lamb.

This software is used for modifying An Android devices it has many features check it below.

Android language Project Features
·         Language Installer
·         Filemanager
·         Root
·         Phone Info
·         Imei changer
·         Language Editor
·         Language Stealer
·         Bootanimation
·         Screenshot
·         Memory Map
Things You Need:

  • ·       Android Language Project [ADL]-Required Java Download it here
  • ·         Photoshop c6 or any other Photo Editing Software
  • ·         Winrar or7zip here
  •           Rooted Android phone
Let get Started...
Step: 1 Install and open Android Language installer Select and locate 'Etc' on the adl menu list and then connect your phone

Step: 2 it will read and load your phone only if your phone now locate is Usb debug mode now on etc menu it will display and play you boot animation

Step: 3 now on the right hand side click on download from phone to download the ''
Step:4 Now save the '' in your desktop directory or any folder you want now open extract the in into a folder after extracting the file, the file contain 3 folder and one text file, now open the first folder inside this folder its contain like 30 picture files sometimes 20 its depend on your boot animation type

Step: 5 Editing The Boot Animation Jpg Files With Photoshop

The best way to edit your boot animation jpg file is using Photoshop to edit and customize every picture on folder 1 without changing the picture size.
<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>
Now to edit the image file right click on first image then select open with Adobe Photoshop C6 or any other Photoshop version
Note: While editing you must not change the picture size just edit the image surface and do not put too much edition on the jpg file because the image file must not decrease or increase.

After you finish the first repeat the steps to all other jpg file now save all as jpg do not change the format.
Step:6 Now after you finish editing the boot animation file now you will compress it back to zip format
To compress open your winrar now locate the edited boot animation directory and Press and hold CTRL and then select three files now click add to compress to zip format after you finish compression locate the compressed file and then go back to your adl tab to test the boot animation.
How to test your boot animation
Go back to your adl menu and select ‘etc’ tab and select upload from file now locate and select the file from pc directory  the adl will display the your edited boot animation to test your amazing work.
How to install the boot animation
Make sure your phone is rooted, On adl BootAnimation menu click on download to phone wait for 5secs then your work is done  just reboot your phone to test your customized boot animation.
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