Stay Online with Etisalat Social Me on Psiphon or Tweakware

Etisalat Social Me is still rocking especially for those who have been unable to browse or download or do anything online. This is a special contribution from our WhatsApp group where gurus have been trying out some tweaks on Psiphon and Tweakware.

I’m not promising any magic but this plan is sure to give you unlimited access to the internet even though at a throttled speed but we all know how to bypass the throttling (Don’t we?).

Etisalat Social Me is much better than the Chat Pack in speed and is still active and working smoothly with an average speed of about 300kb/s.

So if you are interested, here is how to subscribe for the Etisalat Social Me:
Please ensure that you dial *343*5*0# to option out any smart pack plan before subscribing for social me

1. SOCIAL ME DAILY: @100 Dial *200*3*4*2*1*1#

2. SOCIAL ME WEEKLY: @300 Dial *200*3*4*2*2*1#

However, if you still want to do the Smart Pack, below are the codes to subscribe.

1. Dial *343*6*10# @ 300 naira weekly

2. Dial *343*6*11# @ 500 naira monthly

All is Unlimited (no data capped) |ITy UNIT Solution Center|

After you successfully subscribe set your Psiphon handler as shown below
Tick the “Remove Port” Box
Proxy Type: Real Host
Custom Header: X-Online-Host
Proxy Server: or
Real Proxy Type: Default
Real proxy port: 80
Leave others as blank
Go to options Region: United States More options: don't tick anything (no IP, no port) Click on Connect

Click here for full Etisalat ipless working settings 

For Tweakware, follow the guide below carefully

Especially for those with Tweakware premium account, clear your app settings first by going to Settings => Apps => All. Then locate Tweakware and tap it. Then, force stop it, scroll down, you will see Clear data, kindly tap it. Then launch the tweakware.

If you do not have tweakware installed on your phone yet, click to download the latest tweakware apk directly or from Playstore and install it.
After successfully subscribing to the plan of your choice, launch your Tweakware.

Go to Settings => Bundled Settings => Tick Use Bundle Settings.
You will see “select bundle setting”. Then select Etisalat Socialme. (just tick it)
Go back to the homepage and select any premium servers like Netherlands, USA or Germany. Then tap on connect. It will connect within few seconds.

Useful Trick to bypass throttling

Go to settings on the VPN on your Tweakware, then tap on VPN settings, you will see Compression, just tap it. Then go back. It might help you bypass the speed throttling. Just give it a try.

If its saying “Duplicate Login”, just go to settings -> Account settings -> Edit username, you will see “Unregistered”, delete any letter there, then go back and connect. It will connect within few seconds. Choose USA, Netherlands or Germany as the server.


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