Blogging Experience of an Average Nigerian Blogger


If you are building up your blogging career, look through these stages, if you can identify with any particular stage, what was your experience like or tell us which stage you are now.

Forget about the textbook approach, this is a typical step-by-step experience of an average Nigerian blogger. And for the newbie, it is what to expect as you venture into blogging

1. Getting the Blogspot set up with your Google profile.

2. Start posting: Here the serious ones already have their original articles ready and start publishing immediately, for others, the copy and paste feature just got an elevated priority.

3. Exploring and changing templates: After the initial hype, it seems their blog is not as neat as he saw others so it’s time to get better template design.

4. More posting: Here, even the serious ones are considering the copy and paste option but since they were warned that copy and paste is not good for Adsense, they hold themselves.

5. Start spamming Facebook and Forums like nairaland: 20 good articles and 15 pageviews? Something is not right. Time to do what he has been seeing others do. They start the endless running battle with antispambot and the Facebook group admins.

6. Learning about SEO: When they start to realize the challenges in dropping links in forums and on facebook; bans, already saturated blogosphere etc, they start to look for ways to be ahead, one of the first step is to register on search engines and Google about keywords, backlinks, meta tags, domain name registration etc. Click Here to see how to start a high ranking blog!

7. Aha! The sign-up button for Adsense is now showing: They click on it with full expectation of making money the following week.

8. Adsense application Disapproved: . . .  . .  . . . .  . . . . .

9. Still in shock, they go back to Ogbonge, nairaland etc and ask why they have been disapproved and they get lots of opinions and options.

10. The Hanging Mode: They will be considering all options provided including getting some features on the blog or buying an Adsense account while watching their traffic “waste away”.

11. The Action Mode: Works restarts on the blog template in order to go for another adsense attempt. Meanwhile, they start saving money to buy an account.

12. Second Attempt: After some days, they apply again and DISAPPROVED AGAIN!!! Poor navigation, no content bla bla

13. They have had enough, now is time to contact the Adsense Seller.
(Let’s cut the part of you falling into the wrong hands).

14. They buy the Adsense and implement it on the blog expecting $20 the next day.

15. Check the dashboard and see $0.06 current earnings with CPC of 0.01 and CTR of 0.02.

16. They go back to Google and the gurus to learn about “How to Optimize Adsense earnings”. Click Here to learn how to place ads below the post title automatically and earn more!.

17. Decision Time: Now is where they say, “Two things are involved”, Blessed are those who understand this stage for they shall earn well.
For others, you start seeing the signpost, “Adsense for Sale with $15 inside”, that means another blog about to be buried.

If you had experienced any of this, tell us in the comment box how you overcame it and lessons learnt.

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  1. Nice Information Sir, a Female blogger friend of mine has issues with loading more comments on her blog when it's over 200, if people click on load more comment, it doesn't load. I checked on Linda's page, hers loads does load. what template can she use to load more comment without having to view more comment with other browser. Thanks.

    1. Linda uses Awesome template from blogger.
      Your friend might be having a problem of too many script running on the template and obviously the comments has to wait for another script to finish before loading and suffer a timeout.
      Just a wild guess though since I have not seen the blog.
      Try another template first to be sure.
      Happy blogging

  2. Nice one Boss... Very cool template


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